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Anti Turtling Sleeve: everything you need to know

Anti Turtling Sleeve
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The Anti Turtling Sleeve (stealth corkscrew) is available in 99 colors. sizes for a precision fit with the adaptability to quickly adapt to your Wear your stealth first, then your desired length. Halfway through the spandex sleeve innerwear, use the loose end of the spandex.

sleeve to thread the corkscrew into position. A pinch to grip the penis head and pull the silicone ring completely through The final two coils fit snugly. Remove the spandex from behind the glans. The sleeve adjusts the silicone ring so it is next to the coil with slight compression for a secure yet comfortable fit.

I fitted the coils with a stretch. At full length, the corkscrew can be worn up. up to 8 hours or more at a time. To remove it, loosen the coils and slide it off. The corkscrew comes off after use. Insert the forming tube through the coils and compact it with a twisting action. First, straighten the size selection. And then choose your inner where. Simply click the “Add corkscrew” checkbox. for the matching coil and perfect fit.

How to Measure Your Penis: for Anti Turtling Sleeve

Stealth is a revolutionary new innerwear. The stealth sizing calculator has been created to accurately determine the appropriate size for each individual. Calculate your size. Simply follow the three-step instructions.

Step one

In a flaccid state, secure the glans using your thumb and first two fingers, then gently extend the penis to full length. Using a ruler Then gently press one-half inch into the fat.

The appropriate pad is toward the pubic bone. A shaft measurement is taken at the edge of the Glens Ridge when done properly. Step one should not cause any discomfort.

Step Two

Either the stretch or pressure of Step Two involves inserting the ruler into the fat pad. If you don’t have one, you’ll need one. You can use a plain strip if you have one on hand.

Every piece of paper is pre-marked with a pencil at every 1/4 inch or, if you prefer, every 5 millimetres. Measure the total once more. The flaccid and comfortably stretched penis Use the tailors’ tape or strip of paper to wrap around the shaft. directly behind the exposed glans. Retract the foreskin if necessary.

The pressure of the tape should only be enough to compensate for any loose skin. left in the area and note the distance.

Step Three

Entered the two measured data points into the sizer by adjusting the length and Girth sliders on the calculator for more For accuracy, you can use the drop boxes. Enter the measurements that are directly located.

Here for the length, and here for the width, simply click the Buy Now button for a calculation of your size. size is displayed on the purchase page. with price as well as quantity options. That’s it. Simply follow the three steps. instructions for your tailor-fit stealth.

How to Wear Anti Turtling Sleeve

The Anti-Turtling Sleeve (Stealth) is a revolutionary new innerwear. For men, this patent-pending design is available in a wide range of sizes to fit any man who wants the feel and look of a larger The stretch cotton fabric is pleated to create a comfortable band that conforms to natural size variations. Your Anatomy Stealth uses a unique integrated silicone bead embedded directly into the fabric to secure the outermost edge of the sleeve.

pro wearing procedure

Put the penis in place to wear stealth. Simply stretch the band over and around. the anatomy and secure it next to the body by placing the entire genital mass Insert the catheter through the scrotal opening. Two fingers and a thumb inside the up the silicone bead and down the sheath while On the other hand, he guides the glans of the Position the penis and grasps the glans.

the thumb and fingers while holding The bottom portion of the sheath then pulls the penis through the sheath and retracts. If necessary, secure the foreskin. A silicone bead on the shaft directly Finally, behind the ridge of the glans, readjust the band on top of the penis base and under the scrotum for optimal use of the snap button for comfort.

put on the spandex sleeves First, insert your two thumbs and then Hold the edge over the fingers place the penis head into the opening, and use the thumb to push the shaft further down the sleeve, then unfold to position the edge. Then, at the base of the shaft, insert the Insert your fingers into the opposite end and fold the edge over the thumbs, then simply pull.

When wearing the sleeve back over itself to create a sleeve when utilizing your inner stealth sizing calculator, wear will be tailored to fit and stay. Stealth inner wear is your key to a bigger, stronger, and healthier manhood.

Try Anti Turtling Sleeve (Silicone Sleeve) For A Bigger Penis

Did you know that the most important thing is that both you and I have in common small penis problems? Yeah, I’m right. It’s common for men to have distorted perceptions about the size of their manhood It’s really easy to convince yourself. Your dick is smaller than the average When your body is lacking, you’re an average guy. confidence And watching too much porn just adds to Your concern But hey, there’s something you can do.

Consider this. Penis silicon is small and unobtrusive. The sleeve is a highly effective weapon in In the war against the penis, that is. Our multi-purpose zen hanger is superior quality and is perceived to be insufficient in proportions.

Is anti turtling sleeve safe to use

The penis sleeve is made of a soft, body-safe material called silicon that feels just like a second skin. When you put it on It provides comfort when the penis stretches using a variety of male enhancement devices for penis enlargement.

Like a penis weight hanger kit or a penis pump powered by electricity, You can even use a penis sleeve to maximize small penis size following your daily penis stretching workout Keeping it on after exercise maintains Your stretch lasts longer and contributes to To prevent the turtling that can ruin your efforts It’ll also protect your skin from Bruising Is having a small penis a problem?

Do Anti turtle sleeve work

Well, that’s It’s really up to you. It takes a patient man to become a bigger man. But it’s really possible to boost your penis size and make your penis straight by regularly using cut-to-fit silicon. penis sleeve If having a small penis is getting you down and you’re serious about increasing its dimensions, I highly recommend that you use a stealth sleeve.

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If having a small penis is getting you down and you’re serious about it, I highly recommend expanding its dimensions. I recommend that you purchase a silicon penis sleeve. To find out more about our premium products that assist you in expanding your business, please visit

We hope that we covered all the valuable information about the anti-turtling sleeve. If not, then let us know by commenting down below. Or if you have any questions regarding this topic, then feel free to ask, because we are more than happy to answer you. Thanks a lot for your time to read. May the Almighty give you a long and healthy life ahead. Keep smiling and be happy. Cheers

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