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Arcwave Ion Review: Everything you need to know

Arcwave Ion Review
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In this blog, We’re going to talk about new high-tech sex products on the market for men. Yes, I said for men. Are you a penis owner seeking fresh experience? Well, I’ve found it! The Arcwave Ion review so Arcwave is the first Pleasure AirTM stroker on the market. It’s not your typical stroker as it concentrates air pulses right at the frenulum right where the feel-good nerves cluster together.

Do I have your attention now? In this blog, I discuss my experience with the Ion and talk about how my wife and I incorporated it into an intimate night. now let’s just jump into Arcwave ion review…

who invent Arcwave ion (review)

If you’ve ever heard of the Wow Tech Group, they’re very innovative. He works with brands such as Womanizer. For example, we vibe with a company called Pjur, which makes fantastic lubes. They have a new company under their belt now. belt and arcwave, as well as an arcwave only they launched their premiere product just recently, and it’s called the ion, and I’d like to talk about it.

So the concept of it being high-tech and space-related right up until that point on the, I’m going to say, the package. I don’t know if that looks like an arcwave. It looks like something from Star Trek. But you know, I’m a geek there. but I want to go ahead and tell you about it. It is different It’s not your average sleeve. They, like many other businesses, manufacture Lots of them out there.

packaging of Arcwave ion (review)

However, it does have a penis-like effect. just the same way. However, the tech behind it is very very good. different So I want to go ahead and talk about it, a little bit. The first thing is the packaging. I thought there was something comparable. because you open it up and you get a nice package there and it’s sealed on either Yes, I already opened that. and you open it up. and I feel like I’m opening up. So for something much better, high-end, and cutting-edge technology, I’m thinking Apple is still at this point.

Perhaps Panasonic in the 1980s. But um, it has this really nice stand. We’re going to start there. for charging, and I could put this on the edge of my nightstand. I could open it up. It’s going to fit right. However, if this were sitting there and my mom walked into the room next to my bed, I’m not going to think about it. sex toy She’s probably thinking it’s some new thing for my iPhone, so again, I’m going back to Apple.

Arcwave ion overview

But there is the charge and I want to go ahead and tell you the device because the device ‘has a few different things, so let’s see. Let’s take a look at it that way As I previously stated, There is no light in there, but there is right in the center Below here So I’m going to go ahead and use my stunt penis here to tell you What we normally do is you’re Looking to get that circle in there because it’s Actually, this is really interesting. a high-pressure airwave It produces the sensation so you want to go. Put it in there anyway.

It’s obviously like that, and the idea is to I get the frenulum So, right around these areas Underneath the gland You want to take that and make sure it So, what exactly is going on here? Actually, I’m going to step back first. First, you need to use lube. Furthermore, because this is silicone, you cannot use silicone-grade lube. it’ll say right on the package don’t use silicone-based lube we’re going to go ahead today and I’m going to be using some lube here. from I don’t believe so.

tips to apply lube for arcwave ion

First and foremost, lubricate the penis Lube this up. Put plenty of lube right around just the middle right in there and put it in right over It fits This is stretchy, so regardless of what size you are. You should be fine with this. If it is made well, the frenulum has to get Over there As a result, the average penis is 5.6 inches long. I think this could be if you want to measure it because Pablo is one of our The penis here is 5.7, so it’s possible.

actually go much smaller, possibly down to a 4-inch Just in case, again, no judgment whatsoever. That’s what you’ve got to work with. I need to work with But the point is if you are older, this just goes on to the end and you’re Aiming to put your frenulum right around There so that’s the first step it has I have an up, down, and a silent mode now. I’m about to turn it on. You hold it down and I can hear the arcwave ion.

Arcwave ion Noisy vibration

It just made a noise and went silent. It has a sensor in there and I put my fingers on it to see if I can get it to make noise It only starts going when it knows That there’s the skin I am in front of it, it can be a little quiet but I can hear that I wouldn’t use it. on an airplane to get on the What exactly is the Mile High Club? When you remove the skin from there, It shuts itself off when I put it on.

Again, it is called it’s in the stroker. realm So the first thing I did was start to stroke You don’t need to do that because It kept turning itself on and off. What you want to do is to get you It took me approximately It takes about ten minutes to locate the correct location. That’s normal so that you may move it. You may take it off and put it back.

My first-time experience

The first time I used it, I found the right spot for me below the penis. It was about a quarter inch down and the vibrations were coming off and the air pressure was fantastic. I ended up just leaving it there and doing minimal movement and soon reached ejaculation. It was a fairly intense one. Here’s another trick: when you’re done, you’re not done. It cleans up really easily, so don’t worry about it.

And now you can hear the noise, and I went ahead and put it right back on there. It does have a little package, which we’ll go over shortly, and it sits just like that inside of there, so it’s not going to rub against any other toys. You don’t have to throw in your sock draw and that’s it. It has a little plug at the bottom for a USB and of course, they give you a little sample of lube from Pjur It does come with a two-year warranty,

so if you have any problems with it, make sure you go back and it has information here about the lube and it has safety instructions as well as the manual, which goes through all of this.

However, I actually found it easier to read the blog from their website to show how to take it apart, how to put it together, and how to clean it. They made a very thorough effort on this. It comes in a little pricey at 199, but when you think about it, if it’s going to be a sex toy you’re going to use for 5 or 10 years, that’s totally a bargain.

My second experience with my wife

On my second try with it, I decided to have my wife actually do it for me. She had a little trouble as well, finding that spot, to begin with, but her biggest complaint was that once she found the spot, there was really nothing for her to do. She just left it on there and, well, she went down and performed other oral satisfactions, which kind of made me feel like I was getting oral sex from two tonnes instead of just one. So I guess if you want to go ahead and mimic a threesome in a realm, this will work for you as well.

Discloser:- we wrote this informational content just to provide you knowledge about Arcwave Ion review so we do not earn any commission through this product if you wanna buy this one you can visit Amazondotcom or any other sex toys website so hope I cleared it somehow thanks for your time.

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So, I hope we covered everything about the Arcwave Ion review; if not, please let us know by commenting below, and if you have any questions about this topic, please ask us because we are happy to answer them. If you have a larger penis, Arcwave ion isn’t for you. I hope I’ve cleared that up, and I hope you enjoyed our Arcwave ion review. If so, please cheer us on with your precious comments. Your is here to provide you with the most valuable content. Cheers

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