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Average Male Height In U.s.: And each country | ultimate guide

Average Male Height In U.s
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We’re going to be looking at the average male height in u.s and each country. We’re gonna be looking at the males and the females. We’ll be in centimetres for the Europeans and in feet and inches for us Americans.

We’re also gonna be looking at the top 8 tallest countries and the top 10 shortest countries in the world. Remember, if you’re not above average, so are we short kings. We’ll be short kings together. Fun fact, short people will live longer, so we already win. so based on standard deviation Now that I’ve taken ap I really did statistics in 12th grade.

My math class experience:

I Do not pay too much attention in that class. because, well, I was never really good at Math So I just took it because I didn’t have anything else. You need to actually pass a class to graduate so I just took it so I can watch youtube and that’s kind of what I did, but I did Pay attention here and there.

but I did pay attention to the lectures. because I thought the lectures were interesting But I would not do the homework or the majority of the work I was just being because I was bad at math. I’m going to watch some YouTube videos. You know, pretty standard. now let’s dive into the topic of Average Male Height In U.s.

what is the Average Male Height In U.s?

one point I didn’t find out about in that class being a The standard deviation of Average Male Height In U.s because that’s something that my teacher does. did and that was one of the lectures, so he Did the math and he found out that the standard Height has a standard deviation of 5. 7 to 6 feet, as in the United States They say that the average height is 5 feet 9 inches. and the standard deviation of that would be 5 or 7.

to about 6 feet, so if you are between 5th, 7th, and 6th You’re actually average height at 5 feet. If you’re 6 and a half, you’re an American male. taller You are considered tall if you are certain.

Unfortunately, I am 5 of 5, so I’m It is nearly as tall as you can get for your height. sure So I’m like one of the tallest people. You can say to the people of America that going into average height. territory.

Average male height in India:

Indians stand at 158.76 centimeters. On average, people are 5 feet 2.50 inches tall. The average Indian man is 164.94. centimeters On average, people are 5 feet 4.93 inches tall. 152.58 for Indian women 5 feet, 0.07 inches tall Our mission is to provide accurate We believe Without knowledge, it is impossible to live a balanced life. be competent and skillful.

Average Male Height In Asia:

Average male height in Asia ranges from 5’7” (172 cm) in the Maldives to 6’5” (196 cm) in China. In general, Asian men are taller than their North American and European counterparts, but there are a few exceptions. For example, the average height of South Korean men is only 5’3” (160 cm), while the average height of Japanese men is 5’7” (170 cm).

Average male height in Australia, New Zealand, japan and china

Average Male Height In U.s
map data image

Let’s get into it all right. So we’re going to go ahead and start with Australia since they’re the farthest away from us. Even though that’s incorrect, just since it looks like it Australia’s average male height is 178 centimeters, which is 5 foot 10 for men, and for females we are at 164, which is five foot five, so we’re next to Australia.

You might as well go to New Zealand. Check that out real quick to see if Australia is taller or shorter than New Zealand. I don’t know. The male height in New Zealand is 177, which is 5 feet 10 and probably some centimeters. Technically, Australia is just a tiny bit taller, but you’re about to say females are 164 and that is 5 5.

Now let’s go ahead and go to Japan with their average height being 172, which is 5 foot eight. Okay, this is about my neck of the woods, getting around this area, so I would be pretty much average in Japan. That’s pretty nice. So let’s go to China to see how tall they are. 175.66, which is five foot nine, so China appears to be just a little bit taller than Japan, but the females are 163, which is five foot four. Wow, two inches taller.

Average male height in France, UK, Ireland and spain:

Let’s go ahead and check out France because why not, males are 178.6, which is 5 foot 10. m starting to see that they’ll have point-something numbers and centimetres and they will just surround it in American height standards, which is cool. That’s fine with me right now.

We’re going to the UK with 178.21, 5 foot 10 and the females are 5 foot 5 again, which is 163.94 in centimeters. They’re neighbors, so why not Ireland? Let’s check them out. 179.04 is five foot 10 once again but they’re just slightly taller than the British. Good for you, Ireland. Good for you females there. 164.5 is five foot five. Go and look at the Spanish.

We have a lot of influence there for Mexican people. 176.11 is five foot nine. Some of the shorter Europeans make sense. I feel like they’re getting shorter as we get closer to the equator; I’m not sure if that makes sense, but it does. It’s kind of strange. are 161.81, which is 5’4 all right.

Average male height in Africa and Afcican Americans:

Let’s talk about African countries. At 174.57 for their males, which is five foot nine, it appears that they are getting shorter as they get closer to the equator. All of us females are five foot three, which is 160.88 centimeters. Of course, we’re not going to look at Chad.

They are 171.84 which is five foot eight. Does that mean you can be a little shorter and be Chad? males are 169.63, which is five foot seven. it’s crazy because I was in America. For the most part, African Americans are really tall, so it’s unusual to see African Americans who are a little shorter. the females are 158.58, which is five foot two.

Average male height in Greenland:

Go ahead and talk about Greenland. Their average height is 173.84 five foot eight. Wow. I always think of Greenland as being European, but in my mind as an American, it’s kind of that category. are 157.9, which is five feet two.

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The Top 8 tallest countries in the world:

let’s just go ahead and look at the top 8 tallest countries in the world and the top 10 shortest countries in the world to end this depressing blog at number 10. So the map doesn’t want to show it. It’s a tiny little dot somewhere around there but luxembourg is the tallest tenth tallest country at 70.83 inches.

All right, so the map doesn’t want to show it. that’s a tiny little dot somewhere around there but luxembourg is right there with their average height being five feet nine. So maybe on the map some people that were five ten are still on this list. We don’t know.

Then we have slovenia number nine, czech republic eight, croatia at number seven, Germany, Serbia, norway and the top three tallest countries is denmark at 71 You just say it’s 510. So pretty much everyone in Montenegro and the Netherlands is six feet tall,

the top 10 shortest countries in the world:

so I don’t live in those countries because I wouldn’t feel like I was in the right place to check the other spectrum. at number 10 we have Peru at 64.57 inches, which is five feet four. Technically in Peru, it’s the tenth shortest, then the rest is Nigeria. Sri Lanka Oh, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Cambodia, and Vietnam. no, and then the top three shortest countries are the Philippines, Guys, you made it on a list. Let’s go to Bolivia and then Indonesia.

Indonesia is the world’s shortest country at 63.7 inches, which is roughly five feet three in the Philippines. Bolivia is at 62.9 inches, which is five feet two, and our number one, Indonesia, at 62.2 inches. me know if you were shocked by any of these results. If you are average in your country, or below average, or maybe even above average, I have never been above average in my life.


It’s just a short little blog about Average Male Height In U.s So if you’re five-seven or five-eight, and you feel short. Just keep in mind that the standard difference between your actual average height and a male American It’s the same as being like 511; you’re average height for an American. male according to the standard deviation and if You’re sure if you’re five, six, and under.

It doesn’t really matter. Your height does not truly define who you are. Who you are and what you do in life You define who you are with your actions. How you go about life and what you do This is an excellent way to begin the day. So just be the best person you can be. Let your height really bother you. and just go out. and live life.

If we left something about this topic then let us know or you have any question regarding this blog you can simply ask in the comment section below we are more than happy to answer you so that’s it for now hope you have a wonderful day may Almighty gives you long and healthy life ahead. stay safe, stay blessed #Cheers

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