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Bad dragon chance (Review) everything you need to know

Bad dragon chance
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Today we’ll be reviewing a toy called Bad dragon Chance Unflared from the company Bad Dragon. I own the unflared option, in which the head is smaller and in line with the shaft; they also sell a flared option, where the head is considerably larger than the shaft.

Now, Bad Dragon is a company known for making high-quality silicone toys that are based on anthropomorphic animals and monsters. now let’s talk about the Best buying guide

Best buying guide for bad dragon chance

Product details:-

Is the manufacturer discontinuing it? : No.
Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎
11.9 x 6.3 x 6 inches; 1.95 Pounds
Date First Available ‏ :
September 22, 2015
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎Bad Dragon
ASIN ‏ :
Model:Chance Unflared

Features use:Anus, Clitoris, Nipples, Vagina
Suction Cup Option:No
Customer Reviews :3.8 out of 5 stars
Bad dragon chance details
  • 100% platinum cure silicone
  • Body safe
  • Highly detailed textures and curves
  • Made by hand in the United States
  • Soft and pliable

Bad dragon chance Pros and cons:-


  • Bad Dragon’s longest dildo
  • Smooth ride once you slide past the head
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars You are definitely paying for the quality! Love it!
  • I was very pleased with the excellent quality and attention to detail that Bad Dragon put into their toys!
  • Excellent firmness. I can hardly wait to go up a size. There is also no plastic odor.


  • The soft option falls too easily
  • Zero suction cup
  • The wide head isn’t for everybody
  • Not fawning at the new color.. kept me from buying.
  • way too flimsy!

My key points to make your purchase easy

  • There are no visible signs of wear and tear even after a few months of heavy use.
  • I’m looking forward to all of our future adventures!
  • Great product; the medium/medium size was ideal for my girlfriend; she had the best big O the first time we used it. high-quality silicone toy. If you’re feeling daring, try the large or firm.
  • I honestly never expected to buy and use a dildo modeled after a horse penis.
  • But it’s just so interesting and pleasing to look at. It also feels great for anal sex. It’s a lot of fun for me.
  • Wow! What a charge! Horsy just looks exciting. It almost runs itself once started.
  • Amazing quality, nice feel, and no yucky odor; only wish it was a lot bigger and firmer! (for a medium-sized individual)
  • great for depth fans like myself and in good shape, but may be too much for beginners.
  • I really like the depth that this toy provides. I’m thinking about trying a medium one day.
  • worth the money, the best toy ever
  • worth every penny This is my absolute favorite toy. Amazing quality. Because it was neither too soft nor too hard, the medium firmness was ideal for me.
  • Because of my adaptability, I was able to fit everything in with ease. just felt great. I wish they offered the larger sizes here on Amazon, though. It’s definitely worth every penny.

What are bad dragons, where do they come from, and how do I find one…

so probably you may have heard of a bad dragon, or you may not. They are well known in the furry community for selling fantasy dragons. I mean, how could you not want a dragon? They’re so cute; they have such a lovely growl; that one’s fluffy; that one’s scaly; ” The name Bad Dragon was announced in April on Herpes and opened for business on June 6, 2008, with a mission to make fantasy real for people who have indulged in fantasies.

Basically, people who love furry don’t need to know their goals, they just need to do it. Obviously, people back in the day would have been more scared of people knowing they owned fantasy dragons in the bedroom, but since everyone owns one just about now, it’s not much of a fantasy if Elon Musk begins building robot dragons. Bad Dragon grew and attended a few cons to spread their merchandise and their goals.

during that time. Varka improved an artist-friendly takedown policy and a bunch of other features that made e621 better after Bad Dragon took ownership of e61 on September 8th, 2010. Not really. I just put this here to sound positive because I’ve never had a problem with them, but I know others do, and you don’t need me to talk about your problem.

You write a ticket and send it to them, and ten years later they get back to you. Bad Dragon would later own efflux, better known as fetish list, to better support the server and provide staff. They would also go on to create a furry network,

Where is Bad Dragon now?

They are still collaborating with other toy manufacturers on selling fantasy toys and supporting other furry websites while creating their own toys that penetrate but still no inf Come on, bad dragon, where are the inflatables? Primal Hardware’s got the good stuff. and you are over there talking about safety issues.

come on now, who cares about those safety issues? I’m not going to get canceled now. How hard is it to make a real wearable safe grow? You have the nuts but not the inflatable primal hardware. Did you know you can buy drug gunners, which is a pretty bad dragon for you.

Bad dragon chance Review from my in-depth exp;

This is probably one of my favorite bad dragons. I bought it in a medium; yes, this is the medium, and it costs around 115 USD. It’s made of body-safe silicone, so just like all the others, it’s stretchable, twistable, bendable, and foldable.

I wouldn’t use silicone lube on it, and I wouldn’t store it next to low-quality silicone toys, but you can easily store it next to other quality silicone toys, and I’ve never had an issue with it. This is not a small toy, I’m not going to lie; when you put it next to Joe Joe, it definitely gets dwarfed in comparison.

It is 11 and a half inches from tip to tail; it’s a table that’s The base nine point seven and five inches of this 9.75 inch down to the analogous scrotum, the scrotum-like section, is actually insertable. One of the things I love about this toy is that it is an incredibly smooth size. You don’t get those wild radiations.

There’s really nothing to overcome when you’re taking this toy. They offer an equine 9 toy, a mix between an equine and a canid, so it’s shaped a lot like that. However, it comes down and beneath the medial ring here they actually have a bulge at the bottom. It’s kind of nice. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my wish list someday.

As far as sizing goes, the shaft here around the middle is just five and a half inches in circumference. It’s not huge, it’s not challenging, and it’s very pleasant, especially given how smooth the texture of the silicone is. It barely grabs at all. You have a little bit of naturalistic veining around here thanks to the color.

Does bad dragon chance good for anal use?

This is a very good anal toy if you like things between five and a half and six inches in circumference. This is the toy that will allow you to plumb the depths of your insides. You get a little bit of a pop when it goes in. It’s great for prostate stimulation, especially given this heavy coronal ridge right here. It’s a long, slow slide. This is actually a favorite toy of mine.

It’s a really good toy, but I do have one small complaint about it. Vaginally, so you see the head, you see this little like your wreath roll opening thing, this is hard to clean. That’s all I can complain about. Given how deep it goes, it’s something that you have to specifically remember every time. Yes, I washed it off, and then you have to hold it open and wash it.

No, boy, when you’re doing insertion for a show, grab it right beneath the medial ring, and it stiffens up the top so it doesn’t wiggle as much, and then it’s much easier to get insertion, and once it’s inserted, you can grab it with a base and go to town, and the head, because it’s so big, will almost lock it inside you, and you can get all of the thrusting motions you need without dealing with all Another thing.

How do I use bad dragon chance?

I like to do when I am being super lazy and I’m just masturbating for myself, not necessarily on camera, is you can insert the toy, say you’re right back here, and then you can put the base down, and then you can grind and wiggle and do whatever you want while taking, you know, five, six, or whatever inches of the shaft.

This all just kind of stays out there because, really, we don’t need all that length vaginally for most of us. Female likes it when you do that; it’s not something I do, but it’s perfect for that lovely lazy girl. I just want to have something inside me and grind on it kind of masturbation because then, no matter how hard you come, you don’t have to worry about rocketing your dildo across the room.

This will keep it very firmly anchored on the bed the floor whatever. Well, you have all of this to work with, and it can also look really good during a show because then you’ve got a hands-free dildo basically and you can get the camera in to get a good angle.

Would I recommend It?

I definitely recommend this one. It’s a really nice toy. It’s a toy. I like it because this is how it looks in its natural color. It’s a toy that they release in a variety of colors, and you can usually find a couple in the flop bin, which is a great place to pick them up. Because of their insistence on quality, the hair is usually like 20% off, which is why I like them in terms of picking up their toys.

You can usually get them at a decent discount. 9 and 3/4 is the majority of my forearm, and most people with vaginas don’t need that much dick. Just so you know, that’s a PSA to your penis owners and pictures. Be happy with your six inches. Six inches is great.

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I say this after just writing an entire review about how this is a fantastic bad dragon chance, so, all joking aside, this is a very good toy that I will gladly give five stars to this toy. I might get the flared version at some point, but to be honest, this is really all the dildo a girl needs for these kinds of things.

As always, if you liked it, if it was informative or entertaining, or if you just think I’m a good reviewer, then just comment down below because it really helps with the algorithm, and be with us because then you’ll know when I do new things and leave me a comment. I like talking to you, and if you have any questions regarding the bad dragon chance, then feel free to ask, because we are more than happy to answer you. Stay tuned, guys. I hope you have a wonderful day. Cheers

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