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Home » Bad dragon nocturne: (Review-2022) everything you need to know

Bad dragon nocturne: (Review-2022) everything you need to know

Bad dragon nocturne
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Today we’re going to talk about Bad dragon nocturne. so we’ve got really cool sent to me by a bad dragon in exchange for an honest review; this is not Turn the Under Fang, and before I get into why I love bad dragon nocturne, let’s talk about bad dragons. Bad Dragon is a website that specializes in custom-made, high-quality fantasy toys.

You can pretty much customize any of their toys; they have color, firmness, size, cum lubes, suction cups on the bottom, and all kinds of other options. You can get this exact toy in pretty much any color of the rainbow, which is really cool, and you can get sparkles put in it. just all kinds of cool stuff. Why do people love “bad dragon” let’s find out…

Why do people love bad dragon?

When people think about their fantasies then bad dragon comes first choice for them. What’s really awesome about Bad Dragon is that they not only make personalized sex toys, but they’re also very, very high quality. Because I use sex toys so frequently as a cam girl, I’m very picky about the quality of the sex toys I use, but everyone should be picky about the quality of their sex toys because we put them in our bodies.

So all of Bad Dragon’s toys are 100% medical grade silicone, they can be boiled to be sterilized, they’re great, no porous materials are used, and they shouldn’t give you a problem as some cheaper sex toys will, but yeah, step-by-step, and then you’re put into an “in queue” (ring queue) and you’re usually there for a week.

I believe it takes a little longer because they do not have them ready-made unless you choose a ready-made toy, so I believe it takes a little longer. In my opinion, the weight is worth it just to get something exactly the way you want it, and after they ship them out after the waiting period for them to develop them, I almost always get mine two days later, so the shipping is really fast, and it’s also very discreet, so no one will know that you’re purchasing dragon dicks.

Let’s talk about the best buying guide for bad dragon nocturne

Best buying guide to bad dragon nocturne

Item specifics:

Condition: New: An item that is brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged.
For more information, please see the seller’s listing. All condition definitions are available in a new window or tab.
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Department: Unisex
Product Line: Bad Dragon
Type: Dong
Features: Designer, Flexible, Furry, Glow-in-the-Dark, Hypoallergenic, Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free, Waterproof
Color: Rogue
Body Area: Anus, Clitoris, Vagina
Brand: Bad Dragon
Manufacturer Warranty: None
Bad dragon nocturne Item specifics:

Bad dragon nocturne Different sizes details: –> check price

Circumference of Head3.6″ 4.5″5″6″7″
Circumference of Knot5″ 6.5″7″8.5″10″
Circumference of Shaft4.25″5.25″5.75″ 7″8.25″
Diameter of Head1.19″1.46″1.6″1.9″2.26″
Diameter of Knot1.63″1.93″2.2″2.57″3.04″
Diameter of Shaft1.33″ 1.55″1.8″2.12″2.64″
Total Length6″7.5″8″10″12″
Usable Length5″ 6.07″6.45″8.1″9.73″
Bad dragon nocturne Different sizes details:

our key points to make your purchase easy

  • The bad Dragon Nocturne is pounding my ass.
  • Pounding a Loose Hole with a Fucking Machine Attached to a Bad Dragon Nocturne
  • Orgasm alley made a vacuum-lock system and base plate.
  • He’s fantastic. When you can hit him, it’s like riding a roller coaster.
  • I strongly advise using suction cups.
  • Standing upright, he has a crazy curve, and the sc (suction cup) helps relieve his frustration.
  • It’s fantastic for vaginal use because the ridges rub right up against your G-spot, and the size increase is ideal.
  • My Small is just the right shape and size for me.
  • Even with my lack of experience, I was comfortable with the gradual increase in size….
  • As a beginner with anal, I would not recommend using it for anal play.
  • If I had my heart set on using it for anal play, I’d get a medium firmness and the smallest size.
  • Before deciding on nocturne, definitely look into other options.
  • My first BD was a Firm mini-nocturne. I got it for vaginal use because I was not interested in anal, but one day I just glanced at it and thought, “hmmm…”
  • So I tried it anally, despite having no anal experience, and it went in without a hitch.
  • I could do it all the first time, and those bulges feel great.
  • For novices, I would absolutely recommend it in tiny and firm.

Would I suggest it? if yes then whom? find out?

Who Is It Intended For?

  • People who enjoy customizing their fantasy toys.
  • If you enjoy toys made of high-quality silicone.
  • Those looking for a dildo with a cum tube feature.
  • If you want a good toy at a reasonable price.

Who Is It Not Intended For?

  • If you are just starting out with anal play.
  • Individuals who prefer dildos with softer tips for anal play.
  • If you prefer vibrating dildos.

My in-depth Review about bad dragon nocturne

If you buy from Bad Dragon, it doesn’t say Bad Dragon anywhere on the box, so no one knows what’s inside. I’ve even had my apartment office accept packages from Bad Dragon, and they had no idea. Anyway, onto Nocturne at the End. This guy is awesome. He has a lot of really cool features. This gun is medium firm and medium size, with plenty of give as you can see.

I really like that Bad Dragon silicone; it’s great, and it’s really easy on my lady parts. Even at a medium firmness, Nocturne is a little weighted down. I personally would order this toy in medium if you’re going to get it. If you get it soft, it might be a little floppy, but that’s up to you. You might like the toy a little softer, but the softer the toy is, the more lube you need to use just because the silicone can’t create some drag.

I love an upward-curving white toy because g-spot stimulation is great, and this guy is great for it. I can have g-spot orgasms with this one; I’ve had a little bit of time to play with it, and I’ve really liked it so far.

bad dragon nocturne lubrication tips

I do have to use a lot of lube on one just because he does have some detailing here. The silicon can be a little grippy, so I always recommend using lube either way, just because you want to have a nice smooth time with your sex toys, and he’s also safe for anal play because he’s got this nice base to him.

I also like the base because, even though I didn’t get the suction cup on the bottom, these feel really grippy on any surface I put them on, and I find them really useful for riding, so this is a good riding toy. I like writing it, and here I just wanted to tell you about nocturnes up close. I’ll tell you some of the details and features this toy has.

There are three tiers of the toy, progressively getting larger and ending in a sizable knot here, and there’s quite a significant difference between the base here and the actual toy, so if you can fit the nut, it will give you this popping sensation as it goes in, and you can actually feel that locking sensation as that final knot slides into you, and even on medium,

I do need to quit because I don’t like it as much just because you can’t get a good hold on it, so that’s another really great feature on Nocturne. So you can get a good rhythm going with that base, or you can just stick it down on the ground, and I can hop on it and take it for a ride.

My Exp. with bad dragon nocturne

I really like it; it’s great for g-spot stimulation, and you can use it vaginally for a doll. It’s great because it’s got that flared base there. I would definitely recommend getting one of these, whether you’re new to Dragon or not, or if you have a sizable collection like mine. Getting Nocturne would be a great addition. I’ve had a lot of fun with them, and Bad Dragon is really great.

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I love all of their toys; they’re so high-quality and so creative, so yeah, check them out and see what’s up. I’ll link you to the product page at the bottom of this video and also to the Two Bad Dragons website itself so you can take a look at their other toys as well, so yeah, check them out. The bad dragon is fantastic.

Hope I covered everything about bad dragon nocturne if not then let me know by commenting on this post. and if you have any questions regarding this topic so you feel free to ask because I’m more than happy to answer your questions. also stay in tune with us coz we’ve got a bunch of new valuable upcoming content on this platform so be with us guys. hope you have a wonderful day. may the almighty give you a long and healthy life ahead. Cheers

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