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Bad Dragon Review: Everything You Need To Know

Bad Dragon:
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So today’s blog we are covering an in-depth Bad Dragon review of the top three most popular bad dragon dildos which are Kona, Meng, and Mystic these three dildos are top searchable and the majority of people are really satisfied to have them. if you are looking for a bad dragon dildo then you should read this before buying it so without wasting your time let’s jumped into it.

What Is The Bad Dragon Dildo:

If you’re are beginner then definitely you need to know about what is the bad dragon actually is so bad dragon is a silicone-based anal dildo that is a monster dick-like and flexible dick for anal solo play that is one of the best dildos for anal and also gives you instant orgasm.

it has a ground suction cup so you can just stick it anywhere on the flat surfaces and start solo play do whatever you feel like coz that is your personal time with your own self so enjoy every single movement with your bad dragon.

Now I will be sharing with you guys what I’ve learned about my bad dragon toys but I really thought about it and I’m like I don’t know if I’m representing them correctly so I’m super sorry bad dragon never really asked me to do anything they just are very kind to me and they help me out and give me lots of weird dildos it pretty stinks in amazing so in this instance, I, got another toy from bad dragon again not in exchange for a review but I will do them.

so I think I cleared it somehow so let’s talk about three of my favorite dragon dildo so let’s dive in.

1:- Kona By Bad Dragon:

Bad Dragon: kona
Bad Dragon: kona

This Kona toy got in the adoption area. It was up for adoption for a very long time and I was thinking it would glow. So far it hasn’t but I’m convinced it might. I’m thinking that’s just not in the shadows enough. You need to give it a lighter. We’ll find out but so far it’s still just a more translucent color which I love.  

Kona is a mini and it’s firm and I am really glad I got it in the firm. I think if it was any softer, even medium, I typically recommend medium for most of my toys, but I think that medium, and I know if I could use it as well, I don’t know if it’s just because of the S shape. I have a few other bad dragon toys that have either the big like almost C curve to them or the S shape and it’s not that they are droopy,

that’s not the right term, but they aren’t firm. I can’t use them to their full potential. I guess it’s the best way to put it, so I’m glad I got it in the firm. I’m not sure if I’d want to do it in the firm if I got a bigger size, a B medium would come in handy if I got something bigger than a small since this is a mini, but I’m really happy with it.

2:- Meng By Bad Dragon:

Bad Dragon:  meng
bad dragon: meng.

Meng is a micro-size bad dragon dildo that is so flexible and so squishy they made custom silicone toys that have three firmness levels they have soft medium and firm I ordered mang in the medium no I lied in the firm firmness I just figured I’m I was afraid that if it wasn’t firm enough, I wouldn’t enjoy it, and the micro dragon only comes in one size.

I’m not sure if that’s a permanent thing with them. I know they do that a lot with newer toys that they’re introducing. I like to name my toys, so I named him Eros. He’s got these cute little paws that actually are really great stimulation for me. He’s got these knobs going down his back scales. It’s Dragon Skin silicone, and I got him in the bronze coloration.

it’s a Chinese dragon look dragon thing going on. really fun to squeeze too, and he’s so flexible that I can actually bend him in half and it’s not hurting him. I have noticed with some bad dragon toys, if they are marbled or faded, and they’re not just one color, sometimes the layers between the colors will eventually separate.

That’s because of the curing process or the use of people having them so long and then just not taking care of them properly. We’re not sure, but anything you’re going to use a lot is going to have wear and tear, so all of their toys start at around 90 to 130 dollars, with sizes ranging from small to medium to extra-large.

3:- Mystic By bad Dragon review:

Bad Dragon: Mystic
Bad Dragon: Mystic

So let’s talk about Mystic by a bad dragon and what I thought of her. She glows in the dark, which was really cool and I’m not sure you can see that. I would love to see that somehow, I don’t know, you can kind of tell in here. It glows so brightly that you would think there was a light in there and I’m not kidding you.

That part alone was awesome, but when I opened the box and said this is a small and I was like this article is not sponsored, so I’m just going to go by memory. I’m pretty sure it was 85, and it was on inventory, so I just liked the colors. I didn’t even know it glowed in the dark, but it does, and so it’s very soft and cleans up very well. I used the lube that I also got from them

LI’ll more about Mystic:

so that worked out well you already know it’s not going to mess up your toy and just rinsed it off dried it off and good to go so a little bit more discussion if you think it’s too big it’s something will you start with and you don’t know really where you’re going to get so it’s kind of fun kind of a fun toy it does not vibrate some people are asking me no it doesn’t vibrate doesn’t need to this particular one but if you use it along with your vibrator and that’s really cool too that’s a good idea actually a bullet vibrator along with it so it’s also really good for feet play if you do that. there are a lot of uses for this now.

I’m not so sure about the frame because of the size and shape alone. more power to you if you can do that. That’s pretty awesome. That’s all I could say. So yeah, I’ve out of five, the mystic is magical. I call it the magic spike. Yeah,

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what we love from the bad dragon is Meng

Meng micro dragon from the bad dragon so I’m definitely loyal to this company now they’re fantastic so definitely look them up. and It’s a pretty bass smooth texture, so just you know, I feel like I’m not doing full coverage of this toy but there’s not a lot to talk about it just in terms of the design is too simple and I think simple is great, so this is for my side about Bad Dragon Review.


so yeah, hopefully, I covered everything, let me know. I don’t mind answering questions for people who really love our content. I’m fairly open-minded and have kind of an open-book personality, but I have my boundaries as well, so I don’t want to have to restrict comments. I like open dialogue as much as possible.

I’m more than happy to serve you the best of the best product insights on the internet. hope you enjoyed the bad dragon review so I guess you had a wonderful day may the Almighty gives you long & healthy life ahead God bless you guys. keep visiting us again coz we are more than happy to have you on our website. Cheers

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