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Fleshlight shower mount: everything you need to know

fleshlight shower mount
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The fleshlight shower mount comes with a strong suction cup for flat surfaces to tighten or loosen for the desired angle of use. If you put on a flat surface and use the sliding on and off the bar to set the suction, first you need to remove your original cap, then simply screw on the new shower mount.

Please keep in mind that many flat surfaces won’t work, like a wall, if your shower has small tiles, it won’t work. If you need a larger one, it’s dangerous and stupid to mount your fleshlight on a mirror or glass table. Your toilet tank works well, but doors are not a good idea. Your bathroom sink table works great. Wooden dressers don’t work well.

Some stickers of some sort help big time and do not stick them on your laptop or TV. now let’s head onto my personal experience with fleshlight shower mount…

Fleshlight shower mount review

Today we’re going to be talking about one of the many fleshlight accessories. You can get to a kind of It changes how you interface with some of the toys for the fleshlight. As we all know, most Fleshlight toys are meant to be used essentially in an up and down motion, yanking off Now this is the fleshlight shower mount. It’s meant to be able to stick tightly to the walls of your home, so you can then attach a toy and thrust it into it liberally.

I’ve noticed myself that whenever I do a thrusting motion as opposed to the usual jerking away motion I’m not sure if there’s anything like that. going on in my brain or something like that. however, I legitimately They do tend to ejaculate more strongly. with more material given off. Now it costs about $30 and I will have a coupon link in the conclusion that you can check out if you want to save.

About 10 The thing is 30 for this piece of plastic might among The number one thing about it is that Naturally, A fleshlight can easily go into the threads here, but This toy is what really makes the toy worthwhile. as opposed to just doing like a craptacular DIY job for the same thing That was how the suction cup works now. There’s just That little tab there that you use to Lock it in place.

How does it work?

fleshlight shower mount | fleshlight  ice lady

Any suction cup type thing that I’ve whether it was a sex toy or not Once you actually turn it on, they’re just It’s very easy for the whole suction cup to make a seal where there’s No air stuck in it. and it’s in there really, really good. Even when it’s locked and I try pulling The tab on the back I feel like it’s not going anywhere. I’m shaking Right now, my entire table is empty.

So let me just put in a flashlight and I’ll be able to tell you guys a little bit more So I have the fleshlight called ice lady I decided to use. Is it just because it’s clear? and it’s not offensive. now get your hands on the shower mount it has a suction cover on its backside so it’s pretty much that simple once you lock it into any surface You need You’re going to need a flat.

surface straight up and Some of you are in your showers right now. I have to make sure that there’s at least enough space for it to disappear completely around One tile without any of the grout in the middle if there’s any unevenness or bumps on the surface. It tends not to have such a tight grip. But as you see, Once you screw in the toy, It is simply a matter of choosing your angle. With this little thing right there that’ll Undo this, You can go wherever you like, no matter How far do you go? So you go as long as you Put a stop to it.

is the fleshlight shower mount worth it?

When it’s in place, you’ll be able to use it. thrust To your heart’s delight, personally, I really really like This simple accessory because even though it is thirty dollars, which seems like a lot. it saved me a lot of money in lube right Because there are times when Like if you try to use just water as lube as opposed to proper lube when You’re outside of the shower.

because it’s a fleshlight shower mount so you don’t need any kind of lube

It’ll work for all of maybe 30 seconds. or so before you would need to reapply. When you’re in the shower, you always go by the source of water. Keeping it freshly lubed without needing to spend money and used as more and more of a large lubricant ball There’s less concern about getting lubed. all over everything once you’re done. It’s just extremely simple to clean out.

The toy once you’re there and you pretty much just unscrew it. You can get going Any full-size fleshlight toy works with the adapter right out of the box. whereas some toys, such as the fleshlight, The fleshlight pilot, and there actually is now an option. You’ll only need one shot for the quick shot. You have to buy a special adapter for them.

If you have those toys or if you get Those toys with the shower mount You absolutely should keep that in mind If you have a non-standard sized flashlight You will need An adapter of some kind that is also available. by flashlight Almost any of the full-sized toys and a couple of their smaller ones are available I’m pretty sure that they have more or fewer adapters Are there any options available to you?

is the fleshlight shower mount make you feel like having real sex?

What’s on offer here So I just want to recap quickly that The shower mount allows you to go from the jerking kind of sensation to a one and a much more pleasurable thrust. almost I really do think that there are some parts of our brain that do not work They are not as far along as they should be. Your brain does think it’s closer to True sex entails more than just jerking off. That’s just what I think because I usually just have more.

pleasure orgasms that are much larger and more destructive for lack of a better term for them. Then because I get to actually thrust and move in a way. That’s pretty much one to six, right? I’ll be able to thrust I’ll be able to get through the whole even the toy itself smack up against this towards the end of I end up using the Ice Lady a lot simply because I enjoy the aspect of voyeurism, but in general, The shower mount is all worth a lot more.

then just the 30. to me specifically, because it removes The burden on keeping lube on hand, and actually when there is lube consumption when there are sometimes I just want to hop in the shower and get a quick wank in right.

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Surprisingly, this thirty-dollar piece of plastic is probably one of the most experienced Fleshlight accessories available. Most will still require the average jerking up and down motion, but the Shower Mount allows for actual thrusting action. This alone ups the pleasure felt for me, possibly just due to tricking my brain into thinking it’s closer to sex than masturbation, which it more or less is.

Plus, using it in the shower means there’s essentially a low-cost lube fountain right beside me the whole time. Not to mention, cleaning becomes absolutely trivial. I need to hang a mirror or something on it so people don’t wonder what the thing stuck to my shower wall is. I realized quickly I didn’t plan on moving it around too much. Either way,

I hope you enjoyed the review! if so then let me know by commenting down below or if you have any questions regarding the fleshlight shower mount so you feel free to ask we’re more than happy to answer you may The Almighty gives you long & healthy life ahead enjoy your self-love life. Cheers

to saving 10% off at Fleshlight with the coupon “SEXTROVERT” click here this is one of my friend’s affiliate links so that if you purchase through this link he may earn some commission with no extra cost to you but if you direct buy that you should pay extra 10% which you not prefer. so that’s it for today’s blog.

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