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Hismith sex machine: (Review) everything you need to know

Hismith sex machine
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In this blog, we are trying to learn about the Hismith sex machine. Now this is an app-enabled machine, so I’m going to teach you about it a bit Hismith was kind enough to send it over for review, so first, what comes with it: If you’ve got a nice storage bag, it can easily be broken down and taken with you;

there’s a little extra padding on the top too, which is nice because this is pretty heavy; then, you’ve got the toy, and I’ll show you how to take off the silicone dildo in a second; and then, you’ve got the remote control, so you can use it with ease. now time to jump into the best buying guide…

Hismith sex machine: Best buying guide

Product details:-

Color Black
Brand Hismith
Material Metal
Style New Designed
Occasion 情人_节 (Valentine’s Day.)
Item Weight 7.5 Kilograms
  • INTENSE-POWER MOTOR: The Hundred-watt turbine motor is quiet but powerful.
  • ADJUSTABLE FROM 0 TO 90 DEGREES: Experiment with different locales by just changing the angle.
  • INCLUDED IN DILDO: A soft, realistic 8-inch (20.32cm) silicone dildo is included in the kit.
  • DISASSEMBLY DESIGN: Simple to assemble, use, and dismantle, and to transport or store at home.
  • BROWN PACKAGING: To minimize undue humiliation, no critical information is printed on the package.

Say goodbye to monotony Angle Adjustable

  • Doggie Style
  • Woman on Top
  • Missionary Position
  • Standing Position
  • More Features–Actually More Than These

Sturdy Foundation

The rods are made of solid chrome-plated steel rather than hollow, brittle rods, and their high self-weight makes them highly strong. It will hold the ground better if used on a carpet.

Super Power

  • Motor for professional machine Durable and strong, as wild as you can imagine, it has never been stopped by the opposition.
  • Core strength enabled you to reach the pinnacle.

8” Silicone Attachment

Premium silicone Dildo, 5.3″ insertable length, and good grith make it suitable for the majority of novice play. Please rest assured that the silicone substance is completely safe for your health.

Very Quiet

  • Only your groans are more likely to be heard than Hismith’s sex machine, so enjoy your alone time the most. Lubricate it when it became noisy.


  • Input voltage: 110-240V
  • Motor power: 100W
  • Adapter type: KlicLok System
  • Dildo size: insertable length: 5.3 inches
  • Dildo Diameter: 1.6 inches
  • weight: 400g
  • Telescopic distance:1.2`6inches
  • 1 x main machine
  • 1 x Hexagon wrench
  • 6 x Antiskid Cover
  • 1 x 8″ silicone dildo
  • 4 x Support rods
  • 2 x Metal T-brace
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Portable bag
  • 1 x Wire Controller


  1. Do not attempt to modify the thrust depth while the machine is running.
  2. Please double-check that you have screwed down the knob before starting the machine.
  3. We recommend that you start with the medium depth and progressively increase the depth.
  4. Please clean it with 1% Benzalkonium Bromide or 75% medicinal alcohol before using it.
  5. To increase your sexual experience, you should apply some lubrication.

Hismith sex machine: Pros & Cons

This is a highly sturdy and versatile machine. It comes with a high-quality toy that is ready to mount. I’ve been generally pleased with it, and I’ve put it through some… strenuous heavy-duty use. If you have the means and are like a very huge toy like me, you might want to go with one of the extremely high-end machines, but this one will surely work for you.


  • Bluetooth and app control The software have preset programs that other users have submitted and… let’s just say they’re interesting.
  • Users may like/upvote applications they enjoy, and the finest and most dynamic ones get to the top of the list as a consequence.
  • You may even do a remote session by sending someone else a URL to control the system through the internet!
  • Furthermore, the connection between the app on your mobile and the equipment is quick and simple.

Mostly robust construction:

  • you can tell there’s some serious hardware inside even before you open the box, with stainless steel feet and legs with steel T-couplers in between, a quality pushrod and shaft, and a steel pillow bearing on the shaft.
  • Aluminum is employed in locations where it should not be, but more on that later.
  • Assembly is rather simple if you’re even somewhat mechanically inclined. Even if you aren’t? You’ll be an expert by the second time you put it together. It’s not very easy to disassemble and reassemble, but it’s good to have the choice if you want to carry it with you.
  • Custom soft-sided carrying box with cutouts for components and assembly wrenches: everything has a place and everything has a place.
  • Even the wrench is a genuine toughened 6mm CRV Allen wrench, not a cheap IKEA tool.

Decent power: from my experience

  • As previously stated, if you’re like me and prefer BIG toys, you may find it difficult to make this toy work for you.
  • After I’ve warmed up, I find that the power level is just right. Actually, the computer includes built-in thermal protection, which causes it to shut down occasionally if it becomes overheated.
  • The problem is that it only happens when it really starts going, leaving you waiting for a few seconds when you were ready to yell “uncle” anyway…
  • Then it resumes at the same speed you were before!
  • The legs and feet are smooth and spherical, and they slide about inside their fittings.

So… a defect or a feature? You decide. 😉

I’ve discovered that after it’s up to speed, I can locate a sweet spot where it won’t stall until I start to… Let us say “push back.”Then I have about three seconds to relax and get back into that sweet spot position so it can continue chugging when it cuts back in without another stall out. Phew. That’s something I truly enjoy. A lot.


  • The rotating arm is composed of soft metal, which is not suitable for mechanical components.
  • It wouldn’t be so awful if the screw that holds it in place wasn’t screwed into the metal, and mine had peeled out.
  • Because the device is nice and modular, I’m going to counterbore the threaded hole and secure it with a washer, steel nut, and longer screw. We’ll see how it goes.

Hismith sex machine: key points to make your purchase easy

  • I’ve been fascinated by this machine when I first opened the package. The machine is hefty and well-built.
  • Excellent workmanship and quality. The one I bought has a wire control. You will not be let down.
  • I adore this machine; I’ve been using it for about a year and have had a great time with it.
  • It’s not too loud, it works well, and it’s really adaptable.
  • I primarily use the suction plate attachment, which has worked well with a variety of toys.
  • I really appreciate the phone app and remote control; they work wonderfully, connect quickly, and include a tonne of engaging activities.
  • I’d be astonished if sex toys became much more evolved than this!
  • It was well worth the money.
  • Hismith also provides excellent customer service if you require it. I had to deal with them, and they were really quick and accommodating. My problem was handled the same day.
  • Hismith provided an excellent overall experience.
  • 5.0 stars out of 5 This one stands out because of the premium attachments and app!


  • You can tell straight away that this is a high-quality product when you take it out of the package.
  • It’s hefty and solid, and it has the feel of a tank. It is quite powerful and comes with wireless control (you might need a battery for the remote though).
  • It has excellent angle flexibility and is hefty enough to keep in position, however placing it on something strong or against a wall really helps!


  • When you get a few attachments, this toy truly shines. If you already have a few toys, I recommend the suction cup plate attachment and the velcro strap attachment.
  • If you’re a male, you may use the velcro to attach any fleshlight-like toy, expanding the machine’s flexibility, as you read in this blog.
  • It also comes with a separate carrying case.

The App:

What other similar goods lack is an app with a community. The hismith app allows users to share their unique designs with the public! People vote for their favorites as well. Overall, I would strongly suggest this product!

My all-time favorite item It’s not difficult to put together. The included attachment is of adequate size. The power is enough, and the speed is highly customizable. When I tested it out, I had to cancel my plans. I might never bother with another human being again.

Hismith sex machine: My In-dept Review

Hismith sex machine. I’m 99% sure after these 13 minutes you’ll be well on your way to having your very own sin machine. I’d also like to preface this blog by saying it’s not just for women, this is for everyone.

You know, women, men, non-binary individuals, people with disabilities, content creators, you name it. There’s something here for everyone except my parents. As you can see in the image, so it’s nice if you want to mix and match. You know, perfect for those times when you and eight friends are bored playing cards against humanity and want to play guess the hismith dildo attachment.

Fun for the whole gang. Don’t forget to invite Stephen King. I thought for this section of the blog, I could kill two birds with one stone and share with you a few of the different advertised positions you can put the machine in as well as just talk about Highsmith’s different range of sex machines as you can see in a little thingy that I put in very yup that’s right we waste no time here.

We don’t make any money from this blog

By the way, this blog is not sponsored as much as it looks. And this one was 569 Australian dollars, and it wasn’t even the most expensive version that there was. They have an app-controlled one that is 700, so you know, very pricey. Even if you do plan to buy from Amazon, I would definitely take a look at the Highsmith website so you can see all the different machines available.

The one down from mine, I believe, is the tabletop version, which still looks great, not to mention smaller, so easy to carry, easier to hide, and store The website also features all of the high-smith attachments, which are the real fun part, so let’s jump onto that.

There are oodles of attachments and also they have these super cute sets, as you can see here for her or him, or couples And then there’s the magic one clamp adapter, which has a little attachment so you can have a vibrator as well because a lot of females or people with female genitalia can only finish externally, so it’s nice and inclusive for us who can’t really finish internally.

Okay, so the tabletop one that I was talking about before. I think if you know someone with a disability, you might benefit from this one rather than the larger one that I have there. I still think both could be used but if you’re not very physically strong like I am, something less heavy could definitely benefit you.

Is it too heavy?

I need two arms to lift this thing, like I said, 15 to 20 kilos. For example, if someone is using the machine and is being teased, it brings something different and unique into the bedroom as well. There are also ideas where one person is using the machine and they are performing an act on the other person, touching them or something, which can be for fun or if someone has any ED issues, this could also be a way to please their partner when they physically aren’t able to.

Fancy peeps, there are loads of different ideas that you could do with this. I might have to make another blog, though because this is going to run way too long. Finally, how I got it paid for by my amazing fans and only fans. We set up a tip goal for the machine and had a bunch of different donation amounts that people could pay for, starting at a minimum of 20 dollars.

I also said that people who tip will be able to get a blog, of me using it when it finally arrives, so I am so grateful to my amazing readers. we really owe them one for this and I can’t wait to show them some amazing content. I’ve had loads of people super interested.

I definitely recommend this idea For my personal review, I attempted to use this from behind but the angle was a little off, and moving the legs without gloves when you’re also inserting something inside yourself just didn’t seem sanitary or pleasant, so have gloves around when you’re actually using the machine as well.

Hismith sex machine: dildo attachment

I do blame this on the dildo attachment. think it was either poor quality or, I know I’m super sensitive, but it might have just not been a very good one for me. I definitely use it at home alone, especially anything on the highest settings You’ve been warned about some sneaky ways to hide it.

For example, if you have kids in the house, or if you have nosy roommates or mothers-in-law, the easiest way is to make it look like a bug-out bag, which would also explain why there’d be a lock on it or why it’d be so heavy. You could say it’s all the water in there. So you know, I think it’s overall a super solid machine.

How to use hismith sex machine with the app?

When you log on, you’re going to make a little account for yourself, and you can choose how much information you want to put in it or not, then click the Bluetooth button. Check that your machine is turned on and that you have searched for it and connected it so that it will appear.

So from there, on your front page, you’re going to have different modes that other users have created, which can be kind of fun I could click the beginner model and see the pattern moving.

You can play with it differently

This is a mode that somebody else made for this app now, or you can press the play button, which is kind of hidden on this front page. You can play alone, which is where there are like little fireworks here, and you can have some fun and do your own seeds or create your own adventure There’s another thing you can do: play remotely, so no matter where your partner is, you can sync up with them and play with them as well.

There’s also playing online, where you can play with other people in other settings There are numerous options for this, but this was the first machine I played with that was app-enabled, and I think it’s fantastic.

The penetration felt great, it had a full range of control, and it was really easy to put together, so this one so far beats out the others that I have tried. I’m very, very pleased with how easy it was to put together and how comprehensive it was. I cannot wait to play with it again.

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So hey guys, I hope that we covered everything about the Hismith sex machine If not, then let us know by commenting on this blog. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask us because we are more than happy to answer your questions. If you liked this blog, the only thing you can do is tell your friends about it. So stay with us, because we have loads of valuable upcoming content on this site, so stay tuned with us. I hope you have a wonderful day. Cheers

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