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How to make her cum fast: A to Z guide

How to Make Her Cum fast
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How to Make Her Cum fast questions are trending amongst adults. here I’m going to cover this hot topic. So for me, it’s an art and I’m an artist, so there are some techniques to your partner’s instant orgasm.

so without wasting your time, let’s get into it.

How to make her cum fast: Important note:

If you understand how the vagina works, then I hope this blog helps you. if you’re new, examine your nails. Wash your hands immediately. are cut a little past I had Someone with very long nails that cut my vagina and made me bleed.

I thought I was I’ll never be able to have sex again. so when used to intimate with your partner please be a gentleman do not jump on us Don’t start jamming us. Right away Okay, don’t be Mr. Jam Man or Mr. Jabby Chappie, especially when we’re It feels like sandpaper down there,

which can be painful for us. So if you’re going to already be like Inserting your fingers inside While we’re dry That’s gonna hurt like hell, that’s not gonna work. not be pleasurable at all, If you want us to feel as if They want us to get wet right away. Then start licking that little thing out.

Focus on the clit stimulation:

How to make her cum fast: do clit stimulation:

Do you notice the ball thing on the vagina on top Yeah, that makes her feel like Niagara Falls Number three slowly fingers on the inside? Your girl and kind of tease her a little bit. because when you make her laugh with your fingers She’s going to end up begging you to put her Because your fingers, your dick is inside her. Sometimes it can feel like there’s an As a result, by teasing I mean, you can like Slowly put your fingers inside of her and then slowly take it out and give it to her.

like a few seconds to Relax, but then you can slowly put your Do not begin performing acrobats. With your fingers and if you want, you can at some point. Take your fingers out and start kissing. Her vaginal lips start kissing her legs up. and down, kind of teasing her before you start fingering her again.

If you want to give it a try, the fourth step is now available. giving her a double pleasure. You can enjoy the pussy even more. According to what I think I have got you here on my lips. While you’re fingering her, I also am to lick her Let me tell you guys, it is the best. ever. I noticed that every single time My personal experience is that being eaten out And then I have fingers inside of me At the same time, I come to a lot faster. quicker I came almost immediately.

Clit stimulations related article you can check if you want- Rose vibrator: | Everything you need to know is here

How to make her cum fast: the first thing you need to locate the g-spot

 locate the g-spot

If you don’t know where the g-spot is, It’s located basically in the upper You will experience the sensation. You can use one finger just to start kind of like to play with it just like that. You can sense it.

Okay, so some women dislike it. Their g-spots touched At all, it could be kind of painful for or similar to a strange So make certain to inquire. If it’s your girl, She enjoys having her g-spot touched. For instance, like me, I like my g-spot I touched the sensation for me. Really, good. and just learn to relax have fun and just enjoy the whole process Your partner is all right.

How to Make Her Cum fast with 3 ultimate Sex Positions:

three of the best positions available make women orgasm. Have you ever noticed that when a woman gets on top to ride you She rarely, if ever, goes straight up? and down. What do women do when they get on top. Have you ever wondered why? What motivates them to do this? It’s because she knows how to make you feel.

rubbing up on her g-spot and the other sensitive nerves that make her orgasm If you’re just going straight in and out I’m sure it’ll still feel good to have you. inside of her. But you’ll never experience orgasm. areas where she won’t be able to climax. A lot of guys make the mistake They believe that their girl is coming when She thinks that she can’t be reached. orgasm because of their size. or Stamina

I’m about to prove to you that all of These excuses are complete. When do you start using positions That stimulate Her orgasm-inducing areas not only Will you be able to make her come in minutes? But you’ll also know for a fact that You’re giving her the big o because she’s going to be the one. initiating sex with you Oh yeah, and if you’ve ever wondered I felt like maybe you’re just not big.

sufficient down there I’m also going to share with you a position. That makes you go deep. So you can give her that intense look. A deep orgasm No matter what size you are, let’s get started

The number 1 guaranteed orgasm position is called Bodysurfing:

How to make her cum fast: A to Z guide

Bodysurfing rather than using a dog style in the traditional way where she’s on her knees. What you want to do is have her lie flat. on her stomach. with a pillow under the lower part of it. This raises her ass in the air because of the angle. You’ll be stimulating her g-spot. directly with every single thrust.

lay flat on top of her and thrust in an up and down motion to do this, since Your head is right above hers. You’re in the perfect position to use Some dirty talk. She tells her how wonderful she feels when she is around her. Do you know how sexy she looks with her back? I arched like that. Another thing you can do that will raise That primal animal instinct is to hold her arms down with yours. It makes you even more in control as a woman.

I love that now it won’t take long at all For her to orgasm in this position and Once she does It’s going to feel sensitive to her. and she’ll most likely tell you to stop. because it’s just too intense. Don’t stop, keep thrusting, but very slowly, then increase your speed as she gets more and more It’ll take even less time now. for her to have another This one will be multiple orgasms.

Number two on the list of guaranteed orgasms is the G:

How to make her cum fast: A to Z guide

The second is significantly more intense than the first. Your girl lays on the ground while you drive in this position. her back with a pillow. She can place it under the lower part of it. feet on your chest. while you rest her ankles on each shoulder thrust You’ll be rubbing along back and forth. the entire Because of the length of her g-spot and the angle in this position. You’ll be able to go deep and stimulate her deep spot as well.

to give her the most intense pleasure. possible in this position. Shorten your thrusts What I mean is instead of going all the way in and then back out again. However, only What is known about When you do this, halfway. providing continuous stimulation of a g-spot You go deep. and, with the right timing, you can I even gave her simultaneous orgasms. Doing, this guarantees an orgasm position.

Number three is called the “rockin’ release”

rockin' release sex position

In this position, You’ll be sitting down on a bed or couch. While leaning Your girl gets on top of you a bit. With each leg On the sides of your body, tell her how sexy it would look. If she leaned back while riding you, She can either place her hands on the bed or your legs if you’re on a couch now. You have to know something about this girl in top positions Like we said before,

The reason she’s Getting on top is that she knows to propel herself In the best motion possible to make her Most guys get on top when a girl gets on top. I have the horrible habit of I was thrusting back from underneath this completely a beat and practically guarantees that she won’t come.

When a woman gets on top of you, don’t take away her orgasm. Let her do the thrusting and help her climax have fun with her boobs and rub her Now she’s going to come quickly. Because not only is she getting the most stimulating internal sensations, but you’re also Giving her some incredible external stimulation now.

I have 2 more techniques for you so let’s look into them.

Have Oral Sex:

Being eaten out can be especially exciting and satisfying thanks to the incorporation of one of the strongest and most versatile muscles: the tongue. There are a million different techniques that can be used and shaped can conform to that make every experience pretty unique. For example, a flat tongue can feel way different from a pointed tongue.

Sex expert Shanna Katz recommends envisioning your partner’s vulva as the face of a clock, gauging their response, and figuring out which “time” is their favorite. Katz also encourages you to try not to focus on your partner’s vulva alone. “We tend to focus so much on one area,” she told Men’s Health, “everybody should open up their viewpoint.”

That could mean a little nipple fondling? Some torso scratching? Try out different techniques and positions, and ask your partner what they would like. The more physical interaction, the more stimulating the experience can become

Face Sitting

Sitting on your partner’s face as they’re eating you out gives you maximum pleasure control. Especially when sitting facing your partner’s face, you have all the freedom to grind and move freely to what feels good (just make sure you’re not going too hard or your partner won’t be able to breathe). As in all areas of sex, communication here is key.

Sexologist and author of Ride ‘Em Cowgirl, Dr. Sadie Allison told Cosmopolitan something similar: “You get to take control of the angle and pressure, while he simply holds his mouth and tongue in place for you.


Did you think the tips in this blog were helpful I’ve got a bunch more that are going to It will astound you? so How to make her cum fast? I think somehow I cleared you. if that is helpful let me know by using your naughty fingers to comment down below. and share this blog with your friends. hope you have a wonderful day, may the Almighty give you long & healthy life ahead, try these techniques with your partner I guarantee you wouldn’t be let down by me. thanks for your precious time to read my blog Cheers.

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