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Home » njoy pure wand: | Everything You Need To Know…

njoy pure wand: | Everything You Need To Know…

njoy pure wand: | Everything You Need To Know...
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So Hello guys, in this blog we are going to learn today about the njoy pure wand this is a cult classic of a sex toy there are very few toys that we carry,

that have the what’s the word I’m looking for the ferocity of enthusiastic following that the pure wand has and reasonably,

What is njoy pure wand?

so the pure wand is a beautiful high-quality toy it offers a fantastic design and sensation I have one right here this is the pure wand so there are a few things to bear in mind with the pure wand,

the first thing that I’ll say is those heavy it’s made out of stainless steel the weight though is fantastic as far as being able to offer great momentum when using this toy in the body using this toy for massaging prostates and g-spots things like that it’s also really actually great.

say goodbye to vibrators | & hello to njoy pure wand

why njoy pure wand is one of the best sex toys of all time. coz If you want a next-level pelvic floor exerciser for doing Kegels you know the consideration the flip side of this is that it’s quite heavy, so if weight is a barrier as far as holding heavy things bear that in mind but you can really use that weight to rock this toy against the body and some pretty fun fantastic enjoyable ways,

It’s also extremely smooth again because of the stainless steel so the smooth texture offers an opportunity for the toy to really glide in the body often times folks find that when they’re using body parts or rubber or silicone or other materials for internal sensation

that sometimes there can be a little texture and a little friction you’re not going to get that with stainless steel it’s extraordinarily smooth the glide is really,

It’s an unusual experience compared to the other materials I mentioned however it does really offer a type of sensation that many folks find quite enjoyable

it’s great the thing that’s really nice about the pure wand specifically is that it’s got two sides the two sides are great as far as you know offering more of a buffet of opportunity for penetration dimensions and things like that it’s also great,

If you’re looking to use this in different body parts it’s great if you’re looking to use this with multiple different people the two sides just offer more opportunity for play and more opportunity for exploration so thumbs up.

how to keep njoy pure wand clean?

Stainless steel is non-porous so this toy is easy to keep clean you can wash it with soap and water or you can boil it also if you want more likely to keep your toy hygiene.

Temperature Play

A great thing about stainless steel is it’s really conducive to temperature play so you can warm up the toy. so you can cool down the toy using hot and cool water for instance, which can really offer a fun added dimension to penetration play and added dimension to the prostate or g-spot massage, and obviously,

stainless steel is extraordinarily durable you know I can’t think of many ways in which this toy can actually get demolished. I challenge you to do your most creative brainstorming and let me know if I’m off base there but definitely, the one fantastic thing about stainless steel investing in a stainless steel sex toy is the fact that it will be around forever.

so that is a really nice thing to bear in mind with the pure wand so yes there are a lot of things that we really love about the pure wand the things again that you know that considerations. that may create limitations would be around the weight would be around you know that if this particular sizing works or doesn’t work for your body or the body,

that you’re thinking of when you’re considering something like the pure wand as a sex toy that being said it’s a classic. it’s beautiful it’s there’s a really enthusiastic following our co-op is amongst the members of the following of folks that really value and appreciate this toy so yeah that’s my quick breakdown.

what are pubic bone and g-spot?

pubic bone and the g-spot are best friends but if I use this toy and I insert it like this curve is perfect for g-spot stimulation and basically when you insert this either one of these balls will just slide right up on the g-spot and feel incredible now recommend adding fingers on top of the clitoris or a vibrator is also quite nice,

the combination of g-spot and clitoral stimulation is very important even if you’re you know looking for that elusive g-spot orgasm what I want you to understand is that the g-spot is the back door of the clitoris so clitoral stimulation is wonderful and necessary for most women to have an orgasm

but if you want to have that g-spot littorals blended orgasm from heaven this stimulation feels amazing now you can also use this for the prostate is made of the same material as the g-spot and the way you would use it on the prostate is you would just insert it and then towards the front of the belly basically

How to find your g-spot?

it’s heavy and firm and dense and it’s for g-spot or pee spot stimulation seethe way the g-spot works is its soft squishy spongy tissue at the top 30 of your vaginal canal that swells up and the way you make it work is by pressing it up against the pubic bone and one of the reasons why people have a hard time finding their g-spot is they’re not using the right tools for the job,

so the njoy pure wand is the perfect, perfectly designed beautiful sex toy for the g-spot so the way that it works and you know let’s say this with your vaginal canal and we know yours is much prettier but if this was the vaginal canal if I’m putting fingers if I’m putting a penis if I’m putting anything inside of there it’s not pressing up against the pubic bone. so if this was the bum and you were going into a gentleman’s reader you would just go towards the front and that would stimulate the prostate so this curve is just designed beautifully for his-and-hers its medical-grade seamless steel you’ll have it for the rest of your life and for a lot of people it creates the most incredible intense orgasms ever.

  • Material:– 316 medic-grade stainless steel
  • Safety Features:– Skin-friendly
  • Crafted in:– high-quality premium smooth stainless steel, Hand polished finish
  • Colors:– (SS) Silver.
  • Founder:– Njoy
  • Total Length:– 8.0” 200mm 10.0” along the curve
  • Tapered Tips:- 1.5 inches 38mm diameter, 1 inch 25mm diameter
  • Weight:– 1.51 lbs (680g)
  • Cost:– prices subject to change
  • Warranty: Lifelong
Features & Performance
  • Special Features:– fully Waterproof. best for temperature play. you can easily Heat it up or cool it down for several sensations. fully non-porous.
  • Performance:– G-spot or P-spot stimulator. Extremely helpful.
  • Controls:–  (N/A)
  • Power Source:– Manual
  • Vibrations Modes:– N/A

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if I didn’t address something if you have other questions about njoy pure wand toy or any of the toys that people carry so please feel free to get in touch and do comment down below we’re here in hopes of cultivating success based pleasure-based exploration for all of us and any questions you have we feel are in service of that goal so you’re making our day if you fire us a message anyways I hope you’re having a gorgeous day.

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