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Permanent gains from pumping: Everything you need to know

Permanent gains from pumping
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For men’s health, there are permanent gains from pumping, so vacuum pumping is a very underutilised tool. In this blog, I’m going to tell you why. Now let’s get started. First of all, who is vacuum pumping for people who have short-term erectile dysfunction? It can reduce or attenuate erectile dysfunction and limit the damage that erectile dysfunction causes you in the long term.

people who really care about sex pumping can improve erectile function and improve sensations from sex. people who have smaller penis can benefit from this practise as well. now let’s jump into further info…

can you get permanent gains from pumping: Academic Research

So let’s talk a little bit about this academic research. Erectile dysfunction is extremely effective at attenuating erectile dysfunction irrespective of the etiology, which means the cause of the erectile dysfunction. It’s effective in about 90 percent of patients. In fact, even patients who have had their penile implants removed find that pumping improves their erectile function. In fact, in one study, 55 percent of patients that had their penile implants removed found that pumping was more effective than the penile implants in the first place..

Second, pumping increases penis size. In fact, in one study combining PRP with pumping on over a thousand Indian males, they found dramatic improvements in penis size over a year-long period. Third, even people with pyrone’s disease, which is a disease of fibrotic plaques developing around the penis, have found improvements in penis size, which will then improve erectile quality.

Best positions for permanent gains from pumping

What’s the best? A way for a guy to use a penis pump I would definitely say stand up just due to your anatomy and reducing the possibility of creases. It could be caused by You’re sitting down, so obviously, your thighs are going to be closer to your stomach and just naturally, you’ll have Those creases as a result, at the end of the day with a pump because it works off a What vacuum pressure do you want that seal to have? 100. So the way to get that is just to create.

optimal smooth surface. and to be able to do that is most likely. By standing up I’m not saying that you couldn’t do it. I’m sitting down, but it’s just going to be increasing your chances of optimization If you do stand up, and even if Try tilting your hips anteriorly.

position so you’re tilting forward It almost pushes your internal penis more. At the very least, you can actually see everything that’s going on. Something you previously suggested is even better. Towards a mirror Something I haven’t necessarily tried, but it does make sense and I think Yeah, really just try things out as well. and see what works for you, but yeah, Standing up, men want to find out more about pumps.

Is penis pump safe | THREE TIPS

video is taken from
A Touchy Subject just to provide you also a visual information

Do Penis Pumping Work Long Term?

And what a lot of people notice from vacuum pumping in the long term is that they experience enhanced sensation and pleasure from sex, and this is likely due to actual improvements in nerve connections in the penis. I’m not sure how much this really has to do with the overall effects of pumping in the long term, but pumping seems to improve the elasticity of the tissue in the penis, and this may play some role in the enlargements of the penis that people experience.

In addition to having more blood and more blood vessels, the tissue may be slightly more elastic and therefore susceptible to expansion. Well, throughout my life, I’ve always tried to be the best that I could be at whatever I did, and when I was younger, I was quite interested in sex and sexual performance.

My personal pumping experience was when I was in thunder’s place

So, in around 2007 or eight, I joined a forum online, actually maybe in 2007, that was called Thunder’s Place. Originally, when I joined, people on Thunder’s Place believed that vacuum pumping did not produce true penile size gains, that they were only temporary. What they discovered was that by removing that machine, which usually costs around $80 or so, they were able to use water instead of air to create a vacuum inside the pump that was safe.

Looking back, I realised that the pumping gains were only temporary because they involved angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels, and this is something that is really attractive for someone interested in their sexual performance. Of all the gains that I got from penis enlargement exercises, the pumping gains were the ones that most influenced my sexual performance and health because of the responsiveness of the penis.

The sensations, and so on. To be honest, if I ever encountered erectile dysfunction due to using a certain drug, psychological episodes, or something like that, I would automatically start using my pump to limit the damage that occurs to my penis due to the erectile dysfunction. As you know, in finasteride studies on rodents, reduced blood flow to the penis actually causes apoptosis.

if you still reading about permanent gains from pumping then please keep some patience and read full article coz we are here to write based on your intrest so read that for the sake of appriciation.

My experience with La penis pump

My favourite is La Pump, and I’ve purchased their pumps four times over the years. So anyway, this product was really great. I bought my cylinder several times, even the pumping machine when I used to air pump in the beginning.

They’re really great. What I recommend from them is the normal cylinder pump, which you have to measure yourself to figure out what size you need. You may need a couple of sizes when you get started. There are a lot of details that we could discuss, but I’m going to try to keep it general. You need a cylinder and you need a replacement hose, which costs about three dollars.

Finally, you might want to get an infrared lamp and set it up near your computer because while pumping, you’ll have to watch porn, so you’ll need to be near a computer. Finally, you might want an all-day stretcher, especially if you’re interested in size gains from pumping. In addition to that.

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Here are some tips from somebody that has a lot of experience in this field

First of all, when you begin pumping, your penis will adapt to the pressure, the blood flow, and a lot of other things. Before it’s adapted, you don’t want to put too much stress on it. What I would do is never pump more than every other day for the first couple of months and never pump for more than 20 minutes at a time for the first couple of months.

I would start with around five minutes or so until I feel really adapted and don’t notice any kind of trauma in the penis afterward. As a general rule of thumb, if your morning erections decline, you’re pumping probably too much. If your morning erections improve, you’re pumping the right amount. We used to call these positive indicators and they are very useful to use in your journey.

First of all, you want to be as erect as possible when you seal the vacuum in the pump. Second of all, you want to maintain your erection by moving the cylinder slightly up and down while using it. Third of all, if you can’t get your wreck because you have erectile dysfunction Not even pumping with a semi of concern a type that forces lymphatic fluids It enters the penis and causes some mild discomfort.

The form of edema will eventually improve. Your blood flow and you’ll be able to It eventually gets hard in the pump And finally, a comment regarding The more heat there is, the warmer the water. The more you use while pumping, the more effective it will be. And if you can, use an infrared lamp. next to your desk, illuminating the pump Even better The faster you are, the warmer your body is.


permanent gains from pumping” I hope this was an interesting blog for all of you. I really think pumping is underutilized. In the community, I frequently get consultations from people suffering from erectile dysfunction due to finasteride, or due to drug use, or due to other things. and I always recommend it no matter what. What else did they do that they got blood? flow to the penis as quickly as possible. and pumping is really the best way to do it.

Thank you so much for your patience. I hope I can gives you more valuable content like this. And yes, if you like our blog, please share this with your friends. Or if you have any questions regarding this topic, ask us in the comment section. We are more than happy to answer your questions. May the Almighty give you a long and healthy life ahead. Keep smiling and be happy always. Cheers

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