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Phanxy: Top sex toys (Reviews) Everything you need to know

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Today we’re going to talk about Phanxy top 3 sex toys and their reviews but let’s know about Phanxy is a company that has a beautiful collection of vibrators designed for men, women, or even couples, despite being luxurious toys This brand has affordable prices at the end of the blog. and also provide upscale adult toys for men, women, and gays.

So Phanxy product is way more pleasurable than you thought. now time to talk about our top 1 which is (PHANXY Clitoris G spot Vibrator Remote Control Waterproof) so now without wasting further time let’s get into It.

1. PHANXY Clitoris G spot Vibrator Remote Control Waterproof

wearable vibrator clitoris g-spot This comes in the same kind of bright purple and this electric
pink that I’m showing you is covered in silicone, including the buttons and the back, so this is not plastic, it is body safe and make sure that you’re using water-based lubricants with this toy because again it is silicone.

You’ve only got one control here, so the power button that you hold turns on, and then that little light will turn on there It has nine total vibration patterns, three speeds, and six different teasing edging patterns. So this is the loudest sort of speed here, so even at the loudest it’s not whispered quiet but it’s fairly discreet and quiet.

It comes with remote control, which I think is very very fun. You can give it to a partner and you can play it out and you can wear it out and kind of have fun. It’s very firm, so it wasn’t super comfortable for long-term wear, but for short-term wear, it did feel wonderful. The vibrations were powerful and actually, it had quite an arrangement here.

It’s kind of fun and we were able to do it from rooms apart. So it was kind of a fun game. ital So it comes with a USB charger and it’s in this very very discreet box all of the things these toys come in. Let me get it all set up for you so you can kind of get an idea of exactly what you’ve got here So if you’re really just looking to get a body-safe toy that you want to kind of experiment a little bit with, this is another great starter toy.

Phanxy: Best buying guide

Product details:-

Color Rose Red
Material Silicone
Model Name Vibrator
Style sex toy
Water Resistance Level Waterproof
Phanxy details

Key points to make your purchase easy

  • Wireless Remote Control- Simple to use and allows you to share enjoyment with your spouse.
  • Dual Stimulation – Increase shared enjoyment while stimulating your g-spot and clitoris.
  • Fully waterproof and USB magnetically rechargeable – ideal for travel or usage in the bath or shower!
  • Powerful, but quiet and discrete – so you may enjoy with piece of mind!
  • Discreet packaging and quick shipping ensure that your privacy is protected!
  • PHANXY offers hands-free clitoral stimulation for her, with a thin design that is comfortable and enjoyable for both of you. It’s meant to be savored with a partner while having sex. She receives strong stimulation to her clitoris and G spot, and you both experience the vibe and pleasure.
  • It’s also adaptable enough to match your own body, allowing you to feel the vibrations exactly where you want them.
  • It’s intended to be placed with the smaller arm within the vagina and the bigger outer arm on the clitoris.
  • It’s best to set it before your spouse enters the room.
  • Many people believe that missionary work is the simplest to get started with.
  • It doesn’t have to be done with your spouse; lubricate the butt plug and insert it after you’ve placed the va*ginally on. The curved plug then grazes your prostate, giving you a lovely sensation of fullness.


  • The remote may toggle between vibration types as well as intensity.
  • The remote may be used by either partner and has a range of 12 meters.

Extra amusement?

  • Yes, give your lover the remote and experience the unexpected sensation.


  • Simple to clean and ideal for the bath or shower.


  • It’s customizable to your own body, so you can feel the vibrations exactly where you want them.


  • With a sanitary travel cover, your toy will always be ready for your next excursion.


DUAL STIMULATION Intensify shared pleasure during sex with deep powerful vibrations that stimulate the Gspot and clitoris.
BODY-SAFE Made from body-safe silicone.
WHISPER-QUIET Ready for spontaneous fun no matter where you are.
RECHARGEABLE It’s rechargeable and lasts for up to 90 minutes of play on a single charge.
9 SETTINGS From a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse
ONE-BUTTON REMOTE The match fits seamlessly between you and stays in place while vibrating, so your hands are free to caress away.

Now let’s get head onto the Top 2 PHANXY 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking & Licking…

2. PHANXY 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking & Licking Vibrator


So now We’re going to review another Panxy toy. Now this one is certainly versatile. It comes in this nice little fancy box which keeps it very discreet. As I mentioned before, there are no big words like hey there’s a sex toy in here. check out my dildo or anything like that. It’s very discreet and you can store it back in this afterward if you’d like.

However, the toy itself is also silicone, so you can store it with your other silicone toys and not have to worry. It comes with a USB rechargeable cable, so you don’t have to worry about batteries. Yes, and an information packet, but here’s the lovely four-in-one toy here, which is really more like five six seven, and one.

I’ll go over all the functions of this and you can check it out at the link down below, where there’s also a discount code. So as you can see, this is a really uniquely shaped toy. You have this end here which is for clitoral sucking and also licking. As you can see, you’ve got a little silicone tongue in there. It feels really good. It’s not sharp or anything.

And then you have this curved shaft that sits against your g-spot. It is for g-spot stimulation. And you’ve got a little tapping circle right there which I will show off to you and explain more about here in a moment. As I mentioned, this is body-safe silicone. It makes it very very easy to clean.

Is this phanxy also waterproof?

Not to mention it’s waterproof, so you can take it in the bath with you, take it in the shower, and you really don’t have to worry about getting in there and the nitty-gritty while you’re cleaning. But now let’s go over the different modes It has five different sucking modes and five different kinds of flapping or licking modes ten distinct vibration modes.

We’ve got three different buttons on the side. The first one is going to control the vibration, so there’s the highest vibration setting. It does have deep rumbly vibrations, it has three speeds, and then it goes straight into those seven patterns, so you get that nice pressure in these beautiful waves down here, so it adds a little textural change.

This is not something that I personally felt inside of me, but you know it’s kind of fun and this is something that you can wear inside of you during penetration. You can control these independently or you can do them all at the same time if you want, but the suction is very powerful, so please keep that in mind if you like really light suction or if you’re really really sensitive.

If I could change anything about this toy, it would be that the suction and the licking could be controlled separately, um, because you know, sometimes you’re in the mood to feel one over the other, but together they do feel fantastic.

Best buying guide for PHANXY 3 in-1 Clitoral Sucking & Licking Vibrator


Brand Phanxy
Assembled Product Weight 0.68 lb
Manufacturer PHANXY
Model 169
Color Red
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 9.96 x 3.34 x 1.96 Inches

2. Key points to make your purchase easy

  • This is a must-have for ALL women whether single or in a relationship… EVERY woman NEEDS this in her life. I am a single mom and this is my true getaway.
  • It’s amazing and definitely, worth the investment,
  • This was a better gift than I thought, it was great! it has 3 modes depending if you want vibration, pulsing, or suction. Each mode then has like 5-8 speeds, I didn’t get to count but you have 2 modes turned on at the same time. At one point it almost felt like DJing a beat.
  • I purchased this because I wanted something smaller than my BODY MASSAGER to spice up sex.
  • In minutes, I came SO FAST. Legs shook, ugly tears flowed, and my soul left my body. I’m new to sex toy use, so maybe it has something to do with my lack of expertise, but I’m going to have a lot of fun with this 😉
  • So glad to be coming into my own I was always so focused on making my partner happy that I completely disregarded myself this stuff makes me feel like it’s now my turn to enjoy myself guilt-free you can’t put a price on this my fave by far Dual vibration is so wonderful and the battery stays long which is very good.
  • Every woman should have it.

Phanxy: My must-read guide for you


This G-spot vibrator is essentially three sex toys in one: a clitoral stimulator (7 powerful Sucking modes), a G-spot vibrator seeker (7 vibrations & 7 flapping modes), a Nipples pleaser, and a combination shape that targets multiple erogenous zones at the same time, similar to the popular Couples, wand, and Rabbit vibrator. You may change between settings to fit your love rhythm.


  • Medical-grade silicone is used.
  • Skin-friendly, non-toxic, and odorless.
  • It is smooth to the touch and feel, giving you a skin-like sensation because it mimics the genuine skin of the human body. And the noise level is less than 50 dB, which is nearly non-existent.
  • You may experience its delights from the comfort of your own home or business.


  • The rose clit vibrator is completely watertight.
  • Making it the ideal shower or bath partner.
  • It is resistant to immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes.
  • The USB magnetic charging cord makes charging simple.
  • 2 hours of full charge equals 1 hour of fun!
  • DISCREET Packing & RELIABLE Delivery -Your privacy is important to us, thus the anal sex toy comes in discreet packaging and shipping, so no one will know what’s inside!

Now let’s get head onto the Top 3. Phanxy wave motion vibrating prostate massager

3. Phanxy wave motion vibrating prostate massager

Phanxy wave motion vibrating prostate massager
Phanxy wave motion vibrating prostate massager

It came fully sealed. and have a very nice box. It has a discreet design. It’s resistant, so you can keep it to store the product. Well, let’s see what it contains. it has a plug called a “Phanxy wave motion vibrating prostate massager.” As the name implies, it has vibration and wave motion functions.

It contains a button battery. This is, of course, for the remote control. Then we have its USB charging cable since the plug is rechargeable. Well, now we have a small remote control. it’s very practical. This control will allow us to use it more comfortably independently or to give full control to our partner. And finally, we have this plug. As a first impression, it’s well made.

It has a glossy surface at the base, which gives it a luxurious look It has a curious shape and is equipped with two motors, one at the tip and one in the center. The surface is made with velvety silicone. This allows a comfortable insertion. Finally, it contains a quick start guide.

In addition to giving some cleaning tips, it also mentions how to use it, which is very simple. Here it mentions that it has 9 types of vibration and wave motion. First of all, let’s put the battery in the control. It got a little complicated because I didn’t know how to remove the lid. But it’s done. it already contains a battery, so this is great. I’ll fully charge the plug.

Phanxy: how long should charging takes

While doing this, I need to mention that a full charge takes about two hours. It doesn’t mention exactly how much usage time it offers, but I’m sure the charge serves several times since the battery has a large capacity. The light is flashing. This indicates that it is charging correctly.

The base has these two buttons: one is the power button and also for wave motion; the second button is for vibration. We hold down the button until the light turns on. This is like a standby. We press again and, it starts to move. It’s a very interesting function This is the first time that I’ve presented a toy with this function.

I like it when toys have innovative functions. It’s like a finger pressing. It’s like a small massage. Every time you press the button, it changes the thrusting pattern. It tilts 30 degrees This is just a function because, remember, it has two motors for vibration. The first one goes from light to intense.

Phanxy: How many modes does it have?

There are also 9 modes in a moment. I’ll perform a simulation and a water test so you can appreciate it better. As for the remote control, we press and hold the power button on both the plug and the control. Then we press the wave motion and vibration functions through the control, and immediately the plug starts to move and vibrate.

As I mentioned, it can be used alone or if it’s for couples This control can be used up to a distance of 5 to 10 meters. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant. It measures 5.5 inches from base to tip, but the insertable part measures 4.3 inches and has a diameter of 1.18 inches.

The size is based on its objective. It’s a prostate massager, so it has appropriate measures. You can see the movements that occur. It’s mainly designed as a prostate massager, but it can be used for many things as it can be used by both men and women. I’m going to do a test in the water so you can better observe their vibrations.

Do you use it in the shower?

Besides that, it’s waterproof This allows it to be used in places like the bath. The tub facilitates cleaning. As a personal opinion, I loved it because the whole body of the plug vibrates, which allows external and internal stimulation.

I love the wave motion movement as it’s an interesting and different feeling. You would have to use it to know what I mean. You can even imagine seeing the movement. It’s different from all the plugs we’ve seen on the blogs.

A lot of bears come just like this, so it’s great to continue to store them here and then you can see very discreet boxes with their names, so I think this is kind of fun. Nobody knows what you’ve got hidden in there. As I said, this is a really fun toy. I enjoyed trying it and I hope that you enjoyed it as well.

3. Best buying guide for Phanxy wave motion vibrating prostate massager

Product details:-

Material Silicone
Style: Wave Motion
Water Resistance Level: Waterproof 
The number of batteries: A single Lithium Polymer battery is required.(included)

3. Key points to make your purchase easy

  • Powerful vibrations and wave motions combine for an overwhelming blended climax. Also used vaginally Internal and outward pleasure is provided by dual motors that precisely target the prostate, anus, and perineum. 
  • more choices for a little remote-controlled prostate massager for hands-free enjoyment or couple play. 
  • It is ergonomically built and made of body-safe material with silky silicone for insertion which is highly pleasant. 
  • It is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof for adventurous play and easy cleaning. 
  • This is without a doubt the finest value purchase I’ve ever made in this category of goods. 
  • I used the gadget for about two years until it broke down, and I loved every minute of it. 
  • This is one of my top five favorite adult novelty purchases and one of my top two in the niche that this item fits. 🙂
  • Before purchasing this, I propose that you ensure that you appreciate the general activity and the concept of vibration in general activity. 
  • It’s a nice “second” buy, but I’d start with something completely unpowered and then go to something that vibrates before investing in something with moving components. 
  • I believe that this is a terrific value that will surprise you with its quality, especially given the low price point. 
  • In my experience, the device’s oscillating neck’s “come hither” action causes tremendous pleasure and then relaxation. It has never given me any problems. 
  • This is one of my favorite purchases for its intended use. 
  • I strongly advise anyone who has already investigated this activity and concluded that they want to take it further to get this equipment. I really just reordered. 
  • This is the only one of its kind that reaches the prostate
  • The majority of them are too lengthy and go past the sweet spot. 
  • The stroking function simulates a finger and works well!

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So hey guys, I hope that we covered everything about Phanxy toys If not, then let us know by commenting on this post. Or if you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask them because we are delighted to answer them. If our blogs help, then the only thing that you can do is share this content with your friends for the sake of appreciation. We read all your comments and will try to reply to them all. Be with us because we have a lot more valuable content on this site coming soon, so stay in tune guys. I hope you have a wonderful day. Cheers


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