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Sex machine for men (Review) Everything you need to know

Sex machine for men
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Do you enjoy masturbating but sometimes find it difficult to do all that work yourself? Maybe you have limitations that hinder or even prevent effective masturbation. Well, now you can effortlessly spank your shank with this amazingly incredible automatic Sex machine for men.

so in this blog, we are going to cover the top 2 sex machines for men which are the most trending masturbators in boys nowadays so without wasting more time let’s get our head onto it first our top pic is the electronic blow job machine let’s talk further about it…

1. sex machine for men (AI BJ Masturbator) Overview

sex machine for men
Electronic blow job Masturbator

Electronic blow job sex toys are pretty new an electronic blow job machine does all the work for you and pretty much jerks you off automatically pretty it exactly jerks you off we’ve tried a lot of shitty electronic man-meat milkers The battery-powered ones we tried out there sucked because the batteries just didn’t seem to have enough power;

you want enough power to stroke your ding dong up and down, but when it gets to the point where it might even feel good, there’s not enough power to pump it up and down on your ding dong. But this powerful electronic semen-sucking sex toy is pretty awesome because it’s not battery-powered; you plug it into the wall into ac So to use it,

with a pause button if you want to delay ejaculation for the greatest masturbation experience ever get the amazing incredible automatic blow job machine and now electronic blow job machine Who in hell wouldn’t want one of those true stories? That is, you have not written in those true automatic blow job machines. they also have different sleeve options where the inside textures are different and even the outside, like this one, which is a pair of lips.

The best-buying guide for Ai blowjob for men

  • Feeling like a real vagina
  • U can get the same feel like f#king real pussy no words to describe the pleasure 
  • It’s a two-way use it has a mouth and Ass you can f#k by both sides of the toy
  • Each side gives u a different experience 
  • But you must use the water-based lubricant, and after the fun, you need to wash and keep it dry Proper maintenance is important,

How to use this Sex machine

all you have to do is lube it up, turn it on, and hold it on your dick until you’re ready to blow man, and it’s preferably when you’re alone who cares I don’t want to be here when you’re using it. Okay, you turn it on with this, and now you hit go, and it’s in a default mode the first mode, and when you hit it again, it moves to a different frequency and so that one goes a few times and stops, then you can scroll through different ones.

I think I like that one, and the cool thing is you have a slow button and a fast button. Speed it up! I’m pretty sure that would be my preference. Yes, the hardest and fastest, absolutely, that brief pause there you go right there you’re gonna blow you say just hit pause Yes, you probably want to keep watching the porn you’re watching and not be done with it.

what if somebody found this sex machine

hit it back, and then full speed and this is just a regular or old hole-looking thing and not a vagina which did you say that was an old hole whatever man but the thing is if somebody finds it you really don’t know what it is so if you eight-year-old nephew comes in what’s that you could make something up I don’t know but at least it doesn’t look like a vagina.

the other one there is an optional mouth on it which the mouth is still pretty cool too so you lube it up this is four and a half inch round dick rod and each one of these lines is an in chone two three four five six seven eight that’s up to the eight-inch mark so it doesn’t it

probably bottoms out around a little after eight so if you got an eight-inch rod you’re a good man you’re good but you’re also good if you have a four-inch rod yeah yeah cause it doesn’t matter doesn’t have to go all the way down.

Nobody is going to ask you what that is unless they catch you using it, in which case they might ask you, “What are you doing, get out of my house?” if you got a two-inch rod to save your money and another cool thing about this is it cleans easily you can just pull the sleeve out why would you need to clean it because you’d have jizz for lubrication for the next time right put some soap and water in there in the sink and you’re good to go. now let’s talk about our best top 2 sex machine for men called Alex neo let’s jump into it…

2. Sex machine for men Alex Neo Overview

Sex machine for men
Sex machine for men Alex neo

Alex Neo is an interactive, powerful, thrusting masturbator It can be controlled over long distances. It has 7 auto-thrusting modes It includes 5 fantasy scenarios that you can listen to through its speaker or with headphones. The inner sleeve is super soft and flexible to fit any size. It looks really, really nice.

It has a very unique and incredible design. As a first impression, I’m really surprised. The materials look high quality. Everything is very good. The charging time is five hours and the usage time is one hour; it’s an average usage time; normally similar toys provide one hour of playtime, so it’s okay.

I think you guys are going to be obsessed with Alex. You may be wondering how big it is. Well, it is 13 inches long and almost 4 inches in diameter. I have been doing some off-camera tests, and they can be held very well. It is comfortable to use even at the base. It has this ring made of a softer material which is very comfortable when in contact with your body.

Either way, you don’t have to push it because Alex does all the work for you. You can use it manually using the button. Okay, guys, it’s already on standby. When we press the thrusting button, there are seven thrusting modes The first three are similar in speed, while the others follow a different thrust pattern; the sound produced is intermediate.

Alex Neo’s sound quality

All thrusting devices produce this type of sound, but I used some very noisy ones in this case; it didn’t bother me at all; it was as quiet as possible. Well, guys, I installed the application using this QR code.

And here it is! I like that it is the same app for all the vacuum toys of the Connection Series type. The device connects via Bluetooth. The connection is very stable. It never failed while I was using it. We can select the 7 different thrusting modes.

As previously stated, it has 5 different scenarios, and each one says something different depending on the theme; however, it is currently only available in the female voice, so if you like it, great; if not, you can skip this function and use only the thrusting. The materials are of excellent quality. It’s very easy to clean since you only have to remove the sleeves, and also, the inner channel is textured to maximize the sensations.

The best-buying guide for Alex Neo
  • It feels great, and I’ve had some good times with it. Because of the price, I was concerned, but now I think it’s worth it. easy to use!
  • Stay on it hungrily; it makes a lot of noise and is really big. You really have to be able to put it on properly to feel suction. It’s tuff, but the weight disturbs me a lot. Battery level: it still holds well.
  • very good product, very good design, very pleasant to touch, a little heavy, but suitable for my needs, but very good product
  • I imagine this can handle some length if you’re not in the top 5%ile of girth and could handle some amount of girth so long as you’re not in the top 10%ile of length. The combination of these two things creates a moderately painful experience. Hopefully, they’ll create a longer, stretchier replacement sleeve.

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I hope we covered everything about sex machines for men If not, then definitely let us know by commenting down below, or if you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask because we’re delighted to answer them.

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