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Home » Sex Restraints (Beginners): for BDSM fun everything you need to know

Sex Restraints (Beginners): for BDSM fun everything you need to know

Sex Restraints
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Today we gonna talk about BDSM bondage sex Restraints toys for beginners, I get these sex restraints from adam and eve dot com, and if you still don’t know who Adam and Eve are, so let me tell you they are an American manufacturer of Adult items such as sex toys, condoms and much more are sold online by the American conglomerate corporation Adam & Eve.

It is a wonderland of adult pleasures. I found their site to be very easy to browse and just find all sorts of things, no matter what it is that you’re looking for—anything sexy they have for you. That’s what I personally loved about it. Prices are more than fair, shipping is never an issue, and I’ve never had an issue with it personally. so let’s talk about our first top-picked item which is Bondage Boutique Beginners

Bondage Boutique Beginners Soft Wrist Cuffs – perfect sex restraints for first timers

sex restraints

These are the bondage boutique’s Beginners. They are fully adjustable and measure between 10 and 11 1/2 inches in circumference. This is soft and padded and are compatible with any chain or restraint that you may have. and right now we’re talking about the bondage boutique’s soft wrist cuffs Now these are fantastic bits of bondage gear.

They’re a soft padded cuff, so really comfortable. They are fleecy on one side and have smooth neoprene on the other side. They’re fully adjustable and measure between ten and eleven and a half inches in circumference All you need to do is wrap them around your partner’s wrists and secure them using Velcro.

They also have a mat of black clips, which is really nice because it shows that the bondage boutique paid attention to detail, and they look really stylish and in keeping, you can connect them together, but they also work with any chain or restraint that you may already have, so if you fancy adding the bondage boutique’s beginners soft wrist cuffs to your collection, then simply go and buy these sex restraints to having a joyous wild night. now let’s talk about 6 beginner-friendly bdsm toys

6 Beginner-Friendly BDSM Toys Everyone Should Try these sex restraints

BDSM sex toys that all beginners should try, but before we do I’ve just got to remind you of that. if you never want to miss another one of our blogs you’re going to need to be with us.

if you’re new to BDSM you might sit here thinking what products should I try there are so many out there that you might have felt a little lost and a little like you’re not really sure what you’re doing well that’s absolutely fine whenever anyone starts something new they feel exactly the same way now I’m going to start off with not so much a toy as more of a product called massage candle lets talk in-depth about it…

1. Massage candle

Massage candle

It is a massage candle now you might think how is this BDSM but it is because you can use the warm melted wax to drip onto your partner’s body and indulge in a little hot wax play now if I were you I would choose a centered candle just because it gives your senses something extra to work with and it’ll heighten Your mood. 

It’ll also help set the tone. with a dimly lit flickering candle—and who doesn’t love candlelight?—just make sure you blow it out before you drizzle it at a safe height onto your partner’s skin. Next up, we have nipple Suckers. let’s get into it.

2. Nipple Suckers

Nipple Suckers

Now you can also get a nipple. suckers are super simple to use, and what they do is help draw the blood into the nipple so that when you remove them from your nipples are more sensitive to the touch.

all you need to do is depress the bulbs, pop them over your nipples, and release if you want an extra good fit, I’d recommend popping a bit of water-based lubricant around the rim before you pop them on your body. It’s nice and petite, so perfect for taking it away with you and it’s fantastic for heightening your partner’s senses.

All you need to do is trail it over their skin and their nerves will start tingling, making them more receptive to your touch. Now, the next sex restraints are called feather ticklers

3. Feather ticklers

Feather ticklers

Feather ticklers don’t just come in the same form as others A longer stem gives you a little more control and you can stimulate your partner from a greater distance. now next we’ll talk about wrist and ankle restraints let’s go in deeper in it…

4. wrist and ankle restraints

wrist and ankle restraints

Now here they are. usually padded so they’re comfortable to wear, and normally they have a velcro fastening, which means they’re easy to put on, easy to take off, and comfortable and flexible as well. So these are fleece cuffs, so they feel really nice against the skin, and they are attached via two metal hoses and then two 360-degree turning lobster clasps.

so that allows you to get in pretty much any position that you can physically get into safely because the wrist restraints move with you. now our fav sex restraints are blindfold

5. Blindfold


Now we have the blindfold. Now blindfolds. are fantastic for limiting one of your partner’s sensors, so that the rest of them are heightened. This one. is nice and padded. You can get them in. lots of different sizes, shapes, and materials.

This one has two. elasticized straps but double security, so you really are blocking out all light from your partner’s vision. Finally, we have a mini flogger let’s get into it…

6. Mini flogger

Mini flogger

Now, these come in much larger sizes. sizes but for a beginner, this one is perfect it has a variety of fronds at the end and this is fantastic for trailing over your partner’s skin similar to the feather tickler or delivering sharp smacks the intensity with which you smack your Partner is entirely up to you. I would.

Now the beauty of this mini flogger is that it’s perfect for flogging your intimate areas, and what happens when you do that is blood rushes to the surface, and that makes you more sensitive in that area, so if you’re looking for maybe a clitoral orgasm, this will be perfect for heightening sensitivity and making that orgasm more easily achievable.

My own important word for you before using sex restraints

It’s real. It is important, though, that you have a conversation with your partner beforehand so you can talk about things that you want to happen, things you don’t want to happen, maybe your fears or any anxieties you have, and lots of positive stuff as well.

Now that conversation is also the perfect opportunity to settle on your safe word; a safe word is a word that you wouldn’t normally say in bed. It will show to your partner that either play has gone too far or for whatever reason you want it to stop. Make sure that you choose a word that isn’t normally said in the bedroom and is something that you both can remember.

if you wanna break your comfort zone then I recommend you to enjoy the best sex restraints under the bed read blow to learn first to have amazing BDSM fun let’s get head onto it…

Under the bed sex restraints system
Under the bed sex restraints system

The under-the-bed restraint system, My husband and I wanted to check out the BDSM bondage side of things, and we found this toy to be a great starting point; it was very easy to set up, and it fits any size bed pillow top. everything—looks complicated, but it’s really not just slides. Under the mattress, you have four velcro cuffs that are simple and easy to use The inside of it is actually very soft, very soft, so it’s not uncomfortable.

It keeps you comfortable at all times. If for whatever reason, you start to get a little bit uncomfortable, you just unvelcro it. There are four of these cuffs: two for your wrists and two for your ankles. You obviously don’t have to use all four. That is a matter of personal preference, and the great thing about it is that once you hook it up under your mattress, you can leave it there; these simply tuck underneath your mattress, so it’s already there when you decide to try again.

It’s still the perfect toy; it really caters to all levels of BDSM sex toys, and again, I think everybody should at least try it. You don’t know until you try it, and for those who are curious about it, I highly recommend it.

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Do you think I missed one on the list? I’d love to hear what you’ve used for sex restraint in the comments below. if you like our blog then only thing you can do to appriciate us is to share with your friends and if you have any questions regarding this topic then feel free to ask becouse we are more than happy to answer you. please guys do not leave us just be with us coz we have bunch of informative blog upcoming on this website so stay tune. hope you have a waonderfull day may The Almighty gives you long and healthy life ahead.

so get the under the bed restraint system or any sex toy that you’re curious about and use coupon code fan 50 that’s f a n 5 0 and get 50 off any single item almost any single item plus free discrete shipping free discreet shipping Just go to and take a look for yourself.

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