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Starstroker: Everything you need to know

Starstroker Everything you need to know
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So in this blog, we’re going to cover three of the most talked-around toys, which are Starstroker from Kiiru’s house, So Starstroker is an exact replica of female pornstars, so this toy is made with body-safe soft silicone material and yes, it’s an easy-to-clean toy. Now let’s talk about our top 1 Starstroker, Britney Amber, so without wasting much time, let’s jump into it.

Top 1 Starstroker: Britney Amber

Kiru has finally begun to release their field star collection. So the first stroker is Britney Amber. I am pretty sure that they are going to announce some exciting new strokers in the very near future, so keep an eye open for those as well. I will be testing them for you as soon as they come out. This specific stroker features Britney Amber, and it is, of course, compatible with the Kion.

Kiru’s flagship interactive male stroker device So if you don’t know what the Keon so keon is, it’s Kiru’s most advanced and flagship interactive male masturbator device. I’m going to put a link up there in the top right corner, so you can check it out, watch the review of that, and then come back and continue watching this one. At the time Akira launched the keon, it came with the default eel stroker, which was of course packaged with the keon, and this was the only one you were able to use.

My experience

I have tested and tried and you are able to fit any flashlight sleeve into the casing and you can use your existing flashlight collection with the keon. if you have flashlight sleeves, To be honest, I was really happy with the original stroker. It had a really lovely texture.

I really enjoyed the sensation. It had this really exciting little bump. If you compare it to the Flashlight Girls series, I have the Jessica Drake, and the tightness will be different. I’m actually a fan of constant textures, so of all the sleeve styles I own, I enjoy the ones with a consistent static texture the most. 

It’s just a personal preference, so it will depend on what you like. The only difference that you will see is that the original actual field stroker only has a Kiru logo and the Britney Amber one has a felt logo as well, showing you that it is part of the Field stars series by Kirulet. Let’s start with the vulva part.

In-depth Overview

On the outside, you can clearly see that the original stroker has an agentic vagina design The Britney Amber is, of course, a carbon copy of Britney’s Volvo, and it is shown there in comparison to the Jessica Drake. The flashlight sleeve is a little bit bigger, but basically, I would say they are the same. I want to compare the inside of the strokers because, based on the picture on the box, they are not going to be too different, but I am still hopeful.

Yeah, the original stroker, with its small little round-shaped rib Yes, actually using my finger, there isn’t that big a difference between the two. This one is different as long as my finger goes in, which is this deep. I can really feel that it’s a very different texture. So just by looking inside the sleeves and putting my finger in, what I can already see is that the original field stroker had bigger round bumps inside This one has smaller, more spiky little things on the inside.

how it actually feels

What I’m really curious about is how it’s actually going to feel when I’m using it If, on the other hand, the original stroker is simply too intense for you, go for the Britney. It is a little less intense and has a nicer, more realistic opening. It’s actually tighter, so when you insert it, it feels more like an actual human vagina, so it’s actually really awesome. It really comes down to personal preference for me The greater the intensity, the better. 

So many people do not enjoy two intense sleeves, so if you’re looking for something that you can use a little bit longer, you do not have to worry about it. You actually want to choose the Britney sleeve. It is a really awesome choice, so there you have it. Britney Sleeve, the original stoker, you be the judge.

This one is more intense but is less realistic when it comes to the actual vulva part. This one has a tighter opening It’s a perfect replica of Britney’s vulva and it is a little bit less intense on the inside, so there you have it guys. now let’s get head onto the top 2 starstroker the Autumn Falls

Top 2 Starstroker: The AUTUMN FALLS

Starstroker The AUTUMN FALLS

When you hear the name Autumn FALLS, what comes to mind? If you’re familiar with her work, you’ll undoubtedly think of her perfectly tanned yet curvy body and, of course, her natural 32g tits. At 24 years of age, Autumn is not only a fan’s favorite porn girl but among the top-selling fleshlight girls today. First, autumn falls first. If you like young Latinas and busty, you’re undoubtedly going to love Autumn Falls’ love for her curves, all-natural looks, and sultry sex scenes.

Autumn is one of today’s fastest-rising stars. Autumn Falls was born in Costa Rica and raised in New York City. She eagerly awaited her 18th birthday with great anticipation. Once of legal age, Autumn wasted no time quickly taking her talents online, first as a cam girl, and then promptly to Miami and LA, where she began shooting for some of the adult industry’s top studios in a team fidelity interview.

I once admitted that getting into porn was something I’d wanted to get into because I like to show off my body and knowing that people can jerk off by watching my videos is great for me today. Her career is exploding, as evidenced by her numerous awards starting in 2019 as Pornhub’s top newcomer and into 2020 as Xbiz’s best new star,

as well as hottest newcomer, best group sex scene, and best three-way sex scene at the avians As far as Autumn’s personal life is concerned, we don’t know too much, but we do know that the young star is dating a fellow porn star and director Marcus Dupree. Alright dudes This is what you came here for.

Overview of her Starstroker

Let’s now dive into the full overview of her fleshlight sensations. Peach and cream, light cream, autumn leave This is everything you’d expect from it. The Costa Rican porn celebrity sex toy is an exact replica of her perfectly winged labia and clitoral hood. The sleeves match her skin tone to near perfection, and the exterior design works wonders, as with all fleshlight.

For foreplay edging and just overall visual stimulation, it’s the inside where the magic really happens. Prepare yourselves, guys Autumn falls The cream is a series of vastly different structures combined with mind-blowing intermittent waves all throughout. Oh, and the suction is phenomenal too.

In chamber one, slide your finger between her beautiful brown lips and you’re immediately inside her tight first chamber This region stretches a mere 1.5 inches and contains two smooth outward-facing triangular structures and soft nubs that invitingly welcome your cock’s sensitive head into autumn falls.

Just an inch deeper and you’re inside an increasingly snug passageway This chamber has dozens of dense pleasure bumps that are meant to massage every inch of your hard prick, which it does exceptionally well. Push past these bumps, and your erect member is met with a stand-alone triangular feature. for a final time.

Following this

you enter a cross-rib transition, followed by the fleshlight’s most narrow region. If you can make it beyond this region, you’ll enter the supremely unique penultimate chamber four, here stretching it just under two inches in length, a waffle cross grid fitted with many air pockets that contribute to the texture’s overall suction effect, and finally chamber five, were once hitting the seven-inch mark,

your penis will then vibrate across half a dozen intense ribs Autumn leaves fall, but the flesh is light. She didn’t decide to lose her anal virginity until last year, in 2020. chamber one, chamber one’s boyfriend, and fellow pornographer. One. You’ll notice that her tight little hole opens up ever so slightly into a two-inch long, narrow channel fully lined with jagged rectangular edges chamber two follows at the 2.5-inch mark.

Your shaft slides neatly into a texture that very closely resembles an octopus-suction cup structure. Just as an octopus can attach itself to anything it wants. Ofotto’s back door follows along a very narrow tunnel with a soft jelly bean-shaped texture that continues all the way until the end. who will love her fleshlights as far as the cream is concerned?

If you’re looking for a tight-stimulating experience with good suction, this fleshlight is a no-brainer. Definitely add this to your collection as far as peaches are concerned. If you love autumn and fall If you’re into anal and want a tight, intense experience, her peach-textured fleshlight is probably a must-have. All of the fall fleshlights are not to be missed. It’s truly rare that a fleshlight girl has both of her textures. so now let’s get head onto the top 3 Starstroker Maitland ward

Top 3 Starstroker: Maitland ward

Starstroker Maitland ward

The Starstroker Maitland ward fleshlight girl’s sleeve let’s get into actually what’s up with this sleeve in particular and if it really adds something new to the fleshlight lineup, I’ve ordered a lot more toys now, so you should expect some more reviews from me.

I really really love their nice super skin feel and just the fact that they are essentially one of the few male masturbator creators that actually try to operate like a real company, you know, not just like a scuzzy sex toy vendor. You know, it really seems like they have the bare minimum,

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In-depth overview

cool things with all the proper departments like the research and development team, The structures within are now a lot more defined and have sharper angles than what we’re used to in most fleshlight textures. There are usually just a lot of bumps in there, right? We’ve definitely never seen so many bumps together.

In this pattern, we’ve also never seen these kinds of cutouts with these little half-pill-looking ones or these rigid e mountain-looking ones. What I like best about the Maitland ward sleeve is that, while it appears simple to insert yourself at first, it is nice and tight at first, and there are enough features that jut out that you’ll really feel it when you insert yourself and work your way past it.

There’s a lot of smart design where your head will be mid-stroke. Because sometimes with a fleshlight you can feel kind of Samish if you get the wrong texture, like too boring of a texture or something like that, I’m not sure how to describe it, but if you notice there are all these portions here that can apply more or less pressure to your penis as well as kind of more individualized sensation for certain parts like the glans or the actual head itself,

I personally hope to see more of these little nodule-type arrangements in some of their future sleeves, whereas what they kind of experimented with here I can also imagine them taking to great lengths.


So I just hope that I’ve covered everything about Starstroker. If not, then definitely let us know by commenting down below. Or if you guys have questions regarding this topic, then feel free to ask them because I’m delighted to answer them. So I just want to thank everyone for sticking with me and reading my blog. I hope you guys had a wonderful day. Please follow up with us for more informative content here. May the Almighty give you a long and healthy life ahead. We will keep rocking to the best of our knowledge. Cheers

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