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Submissive Training: Ultimate Guide-2023 Everything You Need To Know

Submissive Training
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Submissive training refers to the process of teaching a submissive person, typically in a BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism) relationship, to obey and serve their dominant partner. This can include tasks such as household chores, specific behaviors, and physical sensations.

The goal of submissive training is to establish clear boundaries and expectations for both partners, and for the submissive to learn how to please and serve their dominant partner. It should be carried out in a consensual, safe, and sane manner, and any training should be agreed upon by both partners.

Now let’s talk about what is submissive training?…

What Is Submissive Training?

Submissive training is a process that typically takes place within the context of a BDSM relationship, where one partner (the submissive) consents to give up a certain degree of control over the other partner (the dominant). This can include tasks such as household chores, specific behaviors, and physical sensations. The dominant partner may provide instructions, guidance, and discipline as necessary for the submissive to meet their expectations.

The training can be tailored to the specific needs and desires of the individuals involved and can include things like learning to kneel or bow, speaking only when spoken to, or performing specific actions or rituals. It can also involve forms of punishment or reward for compliance or non-compliance with the training.

It is important to note that submissive training should always be consensual and that any activities or tasks should be agreed upon by both partners beforehand. Safety and communication are also key aspects of submissive training.

The partners should establish clear boundaries and limits and should engage in open and honest communication throughout the process. Additionally, the training should always be carried out in a safe and sane manner, with the well-being of both partners as a top priority.

It is worth mentioning that BDSM is not for everyone, and it’s important to understand one’s own desires and boundaries before engaging in any BDSM activities. It’s also important to be aware that BDSM relationships and kink practices can be stigmatized by society, and it’s important to be respectful of other people’s choices even if they don’t align with yours.

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NOTE: NO BOOK WILL TRANSFORM YOU INTO A “TOP” OR “DOM” – PLEASE GET TRAINING FROM A PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED EXPERT. Please keep in mind that it takes several years of investment to learn and practice this material under the supervision of someone who knows what they’re doing to avoid abuse and harm.

How To Train A Submissive?

Training a submissive involves a process of communication, negotiation, and consent. Here are some general steps that can be taken when training a submissive:

  1. Communication: The first step in training a submissive is to establish open and honest communication. Both partners should discuss their desires, limits, and boundaries and be willing to listen and learn from each other.
  2. Negotiation: The next step is to negotiate the terms of the training. This includes discussing what activities will be involved, what the expectations are, and what the consequences will be for non-compliance.
  3. Consensual agreement: Once the terms of the training are established, both partners should agree to them. This includes the submissive agreeing to submit to the training and the dominant agreeing to provide it in a safe and consensual manner.
  4. Establishing rules and guidelines: Establish clear rules and guidelines for the submissive to follow. This can include specific behaviors, tasks, or physical sensations that the submissive should be prepared to experience.
  5. Training: The training process should be conducted in a safe and rational manner, with the well-being of both partners as the first concern. It should be done gradually, beginning with easy chores and progressively increasing in complexity and severity as the submissive gains confidence and expertise.
  6. Feedback and assessment: Throughout the training process, both partners should provide feedback and assess the submissive’s progress. This can help to identify any areas that need improvement and can help to adjust the training as needed.
  7. Review and renew: Finally, it is important to regularly review and renew the agreement and the rules. As both partners grow and change, the agreement should be updated accordingly.

Submissive Training Positions…

In BDSM, various positions can be used for submissive training, depending on the specific activity or task. Some common positions used in submissive training include:

  • Kneeling: The submissive kneels on the floor, with their back straight and their hands resting on their thighs or behind their back. This position is often used as a sign of respect or submission.
  • Lying down: The submissive lies down on the floor, with their arms and legs spread out. This position can be used for physical punishment or sexual activities.
  • Face down: The submissive lay face down on the floor or on a bed, with their arms and legs spread out. This position can be used for physical punishment, sexual activities or to expose the submissive’s back for flogging or caning.
  • Sitting: The submissive sits on the floor or a chair, with their back straight and their hands resting on their thighs or behind their back. This position can be used for instruction or discipline.
  • Standing: The submissive stands with their back straight and their hands resting at their sides. This position can be used for instruction or discipline.
  • Doggy style: The submissive is on all fours, with their back arched and their head down. This position can be used for sexual activities or physical punishment.

Femdom Submissive Training:

Femdom, short for Female dominance, is a BDSM practice in which a woman (or a person identifying as a woman) takes on a dominant role and a male (or a person identifying as a male) takes on a submissive role. In femdom submissive training, the focus is on the woman’s dominant role and the man’s submission.

The training process for a femdom submissive is similar to other types of submissive training, but it may include specific tasks or activities that reflect the dynamics of a female dominant and male submissive relationship. Some examples of activities that may be included in femdom submissive training include:

  1. Chores: The submissive may be trained to perform household chores or to serve the dominant in specific ways.
  2. Physical sensations: The submissive may be trained to tolerate or enjoy physical sensations such as spanking, flogging, or caning.
  3. Role-playing: The submissive may be trained to act out specific scenarios or roles, such as a maid, foot slave, or servant.
  4. Speech: The submissive may be trained to use specific forms of speech, such as calling the dominant “Mistress” or “Goddess.”
  5. Obedience: The submissive may be trained to obey specific commands or instructions from the dominant.
  6. Service: The submissive may be trained to provide services such as body worship, foot worship, or other forms of physical or sexual service.
Amateur Submissive Training:

The individual interested in being a subordinate in amateur submissive training may be fresh to the BDSM scene or may have no experience with submissive roles. They may seek out information and resources online, through books, or through talking with others in the community to learn about submissive behavior, protocols, and etiquette. They may also practice these behaviors and skills with a partner who is willing to guide and train them.

It’s critical to remember that amateur submissive training should be done with the same amount of care and concern as professional training, and that both parties speak freely and honestly about their wishes, boundaries, and restrictions. Also, the person training should be aware of their own limitations and take their time to learn and practise the skills before engaging in any advanced activities.

It’s recommendable to have a clear understanding of safety, both physical and emotional, before engaging in any BDSM activities and to communicate clearly with a partner about any concerns or questions that may arise. also note that BDSM activities should always be consensual and negotiated beforehand, and any form of non-consensual or abusive behavior is not acceptable.

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It’s worth mentioning that training a submissive can be a complex and dynamic process and that the above steps are general guidelines that should be adapted to the specific needs and preferences of the partners involved. And as always, it’s important to establish clear boundaries and limits and to engage in open and honest communication throughout the process to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe.

We think we covered all aspects of Submissive Training. If this is not the case, please let us know by posting a comment on this article. Furthermore, please feel free to ask any questions you may have on this topic; we would be happy to reply. I truly hope you enjoyed reading my article. If this is the case, your only choice is to inform your friends about this article.
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