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Home » Why do you feel guilty after ejaculating: deep Research

Why do you feel guilty after ejaculating: deep Research

Why do you feel guilty after ejaculating
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Why do you feel guilty after ejaculating here we are gonna talk about masturbating and after masturbation, immediately when When you reach orgasm, you begin to feel Shame and guilt Now I’ve just published a blog connected I feel shame and guilt when I go quite deep into explaining that wound. So I propose that you first read that article and then you Come to that. This blog is more of an explanation blog, which is more on a technical level.

why do you feel guilty after ejaculating: how to deal with that

I will provide you with practical advice. How to deal with that and heal. successfully because it’s important to Heal that wound. extremely important It has such low energy that it is actually preventing you from participating in The sexual ability So let me present to you what happens after you feel the shame?

guilt When you finish masturbating (ejaculating) So you’re masturbating, you’re feeling Pleasure, it’s amazing. But as soon as you reach your peak as soon as you achieve the orgasm guilt and shame kick in, and it’s such a dreadful sensation In a sort of way,

it creates a letter. like Oh, I will. I will never masturbate. mustn’t do that. It’s wrong.

First and foremost, in terms of the sexual aspect What is happening? When you reach the peak, when you really achieve the orgasm you desire, experienced the peak of the sexual power As a result, you aided your sexual energy to The peak and reach the extent where the Sexual power can then bring that blockage of the shame and guilt that You’ve been carrying it within yourself for a long time. years,

what is this telling you?

Why do you feel guilty after ejaculating

it brings to the surface that which is hidden Why do you act so quickly? Feelings of shame and guilt as a result of sexual misconduct power was assisting you to To come to that wound, it’s telling. You know it is here. Here is the shame. Guilt now faces that But what is this telling you? Because you feel shame and you feel guilt Then it’s something wrong I shouldn’t do.

Then masturbate. I shouldn’t feel uh, sexually so connected So, what can happen is that No, no, I won’t masturbate. It’s not it’s not good. But what you need to know first is that sexual power when you achieve the orgasm is helping you because at the time the Orgasm is the peak of the power that comes within you and it brings to the So, when you feel shame, you can only bring the wound to the surface. and guilt as soon as you stop masturbating.

Can you achieve the orgasm you need to know?

Why do you feel guilty after ejaculating

This is why the wound is usually quite large. And what you need to do is start observing The wound that came to the surface Do you observe the wound? You observe it. If you like you can observe your brain. start first Observe your breathing. When you feel shame and guilt knowing that this is The part that’s not you, but it actually derives from the suffering.

So what if you have something within you from your childhood? All you need to do is observe that wound. Stop interpreting whether this is right. Or not, because in that way you are If you disable yourself from healing, you will Later on, you will get to the truth. Heal the wound okay. So don’t think about it now. right or wrong. What you do is Be mindful of your shame and guilt.

That is so Feelings are difficult to come by. observe Observe your breathing at the same This time you can start to observe the wound. There are no thoughts that flow from the thoughts into Hold your breath and just Observe and observe the wound. It is because of how difficult it is, how dark it is, how it reduces your energy, and when you Observe it. You are healing it.

You are healing the wound because the separation from the wound needs to That occurred, the separation from guilt and shame. Shame needs to happen if you want to Heal the shame and guilt forever. It needs to happen and be observed. Through breathing or you will gradually notice how You’re just observing as consciousness. As the background watcher and you will start to see how that wound up.

What kind of thoughts is it having?

Why do you feel guilty after ejaculating

regenerating in your mind. How it’s stopping you, how it’s manipulating you and you don’t need to Do anything; simply observe. and the more you notice, the more you Separate yourself, and gradually With practice, you will notice that You will eventually heal from that wound. and that wound will start to lose its power It means that your consciousness is When you observe it, it expands to the point where the wound began to bleed its own power It’s decreasing. and it’s healing.

So I’m encouraging you to continue masturbating Because every time you have the orgasm you desired. activate another healing and the wound Again, guilt appears, followed by shame, and so on. Again, you start to observe it after that. So it can also happen after sex. Also, if you are in a relationship,

if you are sick of why do you feel guilty after ejaculating, you do the same.

So you observe once more. and just be in the background with that wound watcher And then the fifth wound might come. time, ten times, or fifteenth time even the fiftieth time after masturbating You will have the sensation that That tells me something. that it’s wrong, otherwise it wouldn’t Come on so strong, no way after the 50th.

Masturbation time comes when it is stronger. It means you reach deeper. The deeper that wound bleeds the deeper you heal the wound, They are coming to the roots, and the roots are always stronger and deeper but you are applying the technique. an approach that heals that. So when it becomes more intense, I’ll be ready. You’ve heard it many times before. When you heal the wound, you reach the peak.

That is even harder. and you observe. The wound observes Using breathing The observer is the healer in you. It’s Actually, you are shining the light. The darkness And one day, After a peak again, it will come and you will separate from it.

but you will feel that separation. That part within you lost its power, but You’ve expanded in the sort of way you become sexual power will be empowered in some way It becomes so strong in you when you are observing the wound after the You are observing it with the sexual power, followed by sexual power one day The power will come through you as the Enough for now.

self-assurance While masturbating

It’s all the way it happens naturally. It comes and it just doesn’t the wound of shame and guilt do not possess you anymore and It disappears forever. and then you will be able to open If you subject yourself to your sexual power, They will be able to gain self-assurance. Then you can manifest a strong relationship because you can’t.

Demonstrate true sexual power. If you are in a loving relationship, diminishing Your sexual power through feelings of Shame and guilt You can’t because the sexual power is there. diminished by guilt and shame. however, if you use that technique And if you’re aware that this is a wound and not new. and observed that even though it’s possessing you if you observe your The shame and guilt are gone while Come and you are here.

You’re healing and gradually the breeding, and watching the breeding will This will help you become more immersed in observing the But it takes practice. But it’s a powerful practice because it will also diminish your thoughts when You heal the wound of those guilty of guilt. Shame thoughts start to diminish you.

Don’t heal the thoughts if you’re trying. to change the thoughts The wound is When the wound is healed, The thoughts disappear and then The power is derived from conscious thoughts. Your thoughts develop, and then you will Have clarity about sexuality.

You won’t need to ask yourself, is it correct or incorrect?

once you’re connected to the sexual power nothing can shift you. You will feel what is You will feel what I’m telling you. What kind of power does sexuality have? empowerment What is healthy and what is not Why do you think you’re healthy? Because sexual power has The connection to the other realm where the truths are hidden truths are revealed.

So you will feel the truth. and you will be very happy a man empowered very So practice that, and I must warn you that it is dangerous. It can take up to one year to heal. That cut in you Now you can heal it faster if you’re persistent in the sense that you are truly dedicated.

into it, and you Masturbation or sexual activity If you’re in a relationship, intercourse Apply that technique and you can help yourself to speed up the process of healing with them by meditating on opening. and balancing your seven chakras. each chakra for three minutes and you start. with the root chakra This will expedite things,

but at the same time think about the shame and guilt that you’ve I’ve experienced in the past and how it affected you where it all started. and understand that it is preventing You will be sexually empowered. men and that is pervading, you may be able to get a job to get a value perhaps it’s preventing you to have a family to It may prevent you from to have a powerful relationship. manifest relationship, it can keep you from so many things. That’s how damaging Guilt and shame connected to Sexuality can be So practice on a regular basis. It will gradually dissolve. and you will become tremendously free. tremendously

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So I hope I’ll try my best to serve you to the best of my knowledge. Why do you feel guilty after ejaculating? So this is personally, I use it to go through this and I’m sure that’s going to work with you too. If this blog gives you real value, then there is only one way to know me. Just comment down below or if you have any questions regarding this blog. So feel free to ask because we are more than happy to answer you. I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Almighty give you a long and healthy life ahead. Stay with us, guys, and cheers.

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